Write the missing words to form comparative sentences

Write the comparative. Add "than" where necessary
1. Who is older?
The woman is the girl.
The baby is the girl
2. Julia is 12 years old. Martin is 11 and Linda is 14.
Martin is Linda
Linda is
3. My sister is two years me, she is still a student.
4. How sweet are apples? Are they than strawberries?
5. Canada is very big but I think China is even .
6. I'd like to have hair. It's too short now.
7. Use the following information to write correct sentences with the specified adjectives:
Laura is 12. She weighs 40 kg and is 1.60 m tall.
Alan is 7, weighs 20 kg and is 1.25 m tall.
Mike is 10, weighs 45 kg and is 1.50 m tall.
Sophie is 9 years old, weighs 30 kg and is 1.20 m tall.

Sophie is than Alan.
Alan is than Mike.
Alan is than Laura.
Laura is than Mike.

Laura isn't than Alan.
Sophie is Laura.
Mike is than Laura.
Mike is than Sophie.

Mike is much than Alan.
Sophie is than Mike.
Laura is Sophie.
Alan is than Sophie.

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