Reported Speech - Finish the Sentence (Exercises on Narrative Sentences)

1. John: "Mandy is at home." John said (that) .
2. Max: "Frank often reads a book." Max told me (that) .
3. Susan: "I'm watching TV." Susan said to me (that).
4. Simon: "David was ill." Simon said (that) .
5. Jean: "The boss must sign the letter." Jean said (that) .
6. Mrs Jones: "My mother will be 50 years old." Mrs Jones told me (that) .
7. Charles: "I didn't have time to do my homework." Charles remarked (that) .
8. Stephen and Claire: "We have cleaned the windows." Stephen and Claire told me (that) .
9. Richard: "I am going to ride a skateboard." Richard said to me (that) .
10. Peggy: "The girls helped in the house." Peggy told me (that) .
11. David: "John had already gone at six." David said (that) .
12. Alice: "I spent all my pocket money on Monday." Alice complained (that) .
13. Andrew: "We didn't eat fish two days ago." Andrew remarked (that) .
14. Jason and Victoria: "We will do our best in the exams tomorrow." Jason and Victoria told me (that) .
15. Michael: "I am going to read a book this week." Michael said to me (that) .
16. Patricia: "My mother will celebrate her birthday next weekend." Patricia said (that) .
17. Lisa: "Tim went to the stadium an hour ago." Lisa said (that) .
18. Robert: "My father flew to Dallas last year." Robert told me (that) .
19. Helen: "I was writing a letter yesterday." Helen told me (that) .
20. Emily: "Our teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow." Emily said (that) .
21. “I swim every day .” He said (that) he every day.
22. “I am going to my room to study.” She said (that) she to study.
23. “You can have the car on Monday.” Peter said (that) I on Monday.
24. “I want six tomatoes.” He said (that) he .
25. “Hollywood is great.” She said (that) Hollywood .
26. “I know the car in front of the garage.” Jake said (that) the car in front of the garage.
27. “Jake is sitting at the end.” Lily said (that) at the end.
28. “I love learning.” Ben said (that) learning.
29. “I need a new movie project.” Mrs Brown said (that) a new movie project.
30. 'We're going to sell our car tomorrow.'/please transform My parents said they their car .
31. 'We will stay for another week' The children said they for another week.
32. 'You must take water to the excursions.' He said that we water to the excursions.
33. 'We're staying in a hostel.' They said they in a hostel.
34. We travelled by train They said by train.
35. "We'll come at nine." Eric and Jenny told us that at nine.
36. "I have never been to London." Peter confessed (that) to London.
37. "I have not seen her today." He told them that .
38. "I am going to travel to Italy." She said that to Italy.
39. 'We haven't had anything to drink in more than two hours'. The explorers told us they in more than two hours.
40. We can't speak Chinese ,so we'll need a translator.' The travellers confessed they , so they a translator.

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