Gerund or Infinitive? (Exercises)

Drag the words to make correct sentences:

1. Would you like to be a sports instructor?

2. We'd love to try windsurfing.

3. Does she like watersports?

4. I wouldn't like to do an adventure sport.

5. They don't like skiing.

6. Henry likes sunbathing on the beach.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs:
see, swim, tell, do, travel, eat
1 I need you something important.
2 Please don't make me that!
3 We really enjoyed in the sea.
4 I'm thinking of around the world.
5 Did you remember your homework last night?
6 I'm looking forward you next week.
be, get, help, lose, pay, sack, steal, walk
1. He was accused of money from the company.
2. I offered him , but he said he could manage.
3. He apologized for his temper with me.
4. His boss threatened him if was late one more time.
5. Will you remind me some more petrol before we leave?
6. Of course, she denies anywhere near the scene of the crime.
7. He warned the children not on the frozen lake.
8. Her family insisted on for the entire holiday.
Complete the sentences. Type the correct answer in the box. Use contractions where possible:
1. I'm thinking of (get) a new job.
2. (drink) too much coffee is bad for you.
3. It's nice (walk) in the countryside.
4. I went home (have) a rest.
5. I (not like) Monday mornings.
6. Don't leave without (finish) your drink.
7. I refuse(speak) to them.
8. Do you want(use) my mobile phone?
9. Does your daughter enjoy(play) computer games?
10. We don't mind(give) you a hand.
11. They plan(go) to Thailand for a holiday.
12. My boyfriend doesn't like(dance).
Choose the correct answers:

1. What kind of music do you like|like you|would you like?
2. Would you like|Like you|Do you like a cup of coffee?
3. 'Would you like some more pie?' 'Yes, please|Yes, I do|Yes, I like.'
4. He'd like|He'd likes|He likesa glass of wine, please.
5. He likes coffee but he doesn't like|no like|wouldn't liketea.
6. Walking|Walk to work is good exercise.
7. What do you want to do|doing tomorrow?
8. I like studying|study languages.
9. I'd like to meet|meeting your new girlfriend.
10. I don't leave home without eating|eat breakfast.

11. Do you need to go|going to the supermarket?
12. I like|'d like to travelling on planes.
13. Would|Do you like to learn a new sport?
14. She wouldn't like to|wouldn't to go rock climbing.
15. He likes|would like to walking in the mountains.
16. We'd like to|like have a snowboarding holiday.
17. My children love surfing|surf.
18. Have they decided to buy|buying a new car?
19. We've always wanted to have|have a house near the beach.
20. My brother loves skiing|ski.

21. I don't mind waiting|to wait for a few minutes.
22. Do you need to do|to doing your homework?
23. He suggested going|go|to go by bus to save money.
24. My little sister loves riding|to ride|ride her horse.
25. I can't see|to see|seeing you tonight.
26. Sarah called the health centre to make|make|making an appointment with the doctor.
27. He checked the number on the screen before answering|to answer|answer the phone.
28. I think that driving|to drive|drive in the rush hour can be quite stressful.
29. Tom offered to take|take|taking me to the airport.
30. It's impossible to open|open|opening this jar. Can you try?

31. My parents make us tidy|to tidy|tidying our rooms before we go to bed.
32. My brother offered to help|helping|help me move house.
33. You could try to switch|switch|switching it off and on again, that might help.
34. I forgot to get|to getting| get the milk when I was at the shops.
35. Your football boots need cleaning|to clean|clean before the match tomorrow.
36. We're not allowed to eat|eating|for eat in the library.
37. Don't you remember seeing|to see|see that film last year?
38. Did you remember to buy|buying|buy another loaf of bread?

When I was young, my grandparents came visit|visiting us in Scotland. The weather was fantastic so we decided go|going on a picnic beside a beautiful lake near our home. After we had finished 41.eating|to eat, my grandmother took off her glasses and put them on a rock. We spent the rest of the day 42.relaxing|to relax in the sun. The next day my grandparents went back home to England. That evening, Grandmother phoned say|saying that she'd left her glasses. She asked if we would mind 44.looking|to look for them. My father went back to the lake. He didn't expect find|finding them, but amazingly they were still there on the rock! A few days later, Grandmother phoned again. She said, 'Thank you for 46.sending|to send the glasses, but unfortunately they aren't mine!'

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