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This is the place where I answer your questions related to English. You can ask them via the contact form, Alangle's Facebook page or by email [loading, please wait].

When do we need to use "do" in questions and when can we leave it out?
What is the difference between "other", "another" and "the other"?
"Go swimming" or "Go swim"? How do you use "go" with another verb?
Such and So - what is the difference? 
The "golden" rule of the double negative
Other ways of talking about the future: about to, on the point of due to, be to
Bill, Fine, Tip, Fee, Price, Rate, Fare, Toll - what is the difference?
What is the difference between Look, See and Watch?
If you use more than one adjective before a noun, are there any rules what order they are in?
Have and Have Got - similarities and differences
Shops - Vocabulary
What is the difference between "No" and "Not"
Which vs What
What is the difference between raise and rise?

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