Choose the correct form

1. Someone has|have|haven't broken the window.
1. Have you ever been|gone|went to Vietnam?
2. You're late. Where have you been|gone|go?
3. What have you done|do you do today?
4. We haven't finished|not have finished cleaning the house.
5. I haven't|not have been to the supermarket today.
6. Nobody has come|have come|haven't come|hasn't come to the meeting.
7. I haven't solved|have solve|hasn't solved|has solved the problem.
8. It hasn't rained|has rained|haven't rained|have rained in a year.
9. Have you ever seen|Has you ever seen|Have ever seen the Matrix? It's an interesting movie.
10. My sister has never been|never been|have never been to France.
11. My best friend and I have known|has known|known each other for over twenty years.
12. She has seen|has saw|have saw|have seen him at school.
13. Lucy has played|have play|has play|have played tennis.
14. You have written|has written|have wrote|has writed a book.
15. Bob has met|has meet|have met|have meet his girlfriend.
16. I have watched|has watch|has watched|have watch a football match today.
17. We have gone|has went|has gone|have went to school.
18. Mr and Mrs Simpson have bought|has buy|have buy|has bought a new house.
19. They have taken|has took|has taken|have took the umbrella.
20. My father has never played|never played|has not playing|have never played golf.
21. Since moving to Alberta, I have learned|has learned|have learning|learned a lot about the oil industry.
22. Have you ever read|You ever read|Have you ever reading|Has you ever read The Di Vinci Code? It's an interesting book.
23. My neighbor's dog is barking. It has barked|barked|has barking|have barked for 2 hours now.
24. My sister is still studying. She hasn't finished|not finished|haven't finished her homework yet.
25. You haven't met"|not met|hasn't met my best friend, have you?
26. I have never seen|never seen|has never seen the famous American movie, The Gladiator.
27. Every year for the past five years, my family has traveled|have traveled|traveled|has traveling to the Hawaii for a summer vacation.
28. Our class has had|have had|had 3 grammar quizzes so far this semester.

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