Choose "for" or "since"

1. I've lived in London for|since two months.
2. I've had this carsince|for 1980.
3. I've known her since|for I was a child.
4. I've been happy for|since a long time.
5. We've worked together for|since years.
6. I haven't seen Simon since|for I was a child.
7. They have been abroad for|since six months.
8. She hasn't phoned me since|for last summer.
9. He's had that expensive car for|since a week.
10. You haven't smoked for|since a month.
11. We've worked here for|since a month
12. They've been in Berlin since|for January.
13. I haven't known John for|since a long time
14. Martina hasn't spoken Arabicfor|since three years.
15. Has he lived here since|for he got married?
16. I've had this book for|since 1999.
17. She's had a pilot's license for|since six months.
18. He hasn't done any workfor|since three hours.
19. Tony and Ben have been in Mr Ali's officesince|for 10 o'clock.
20. We haven't been in the opera for|since over a year.
21. I haven't spoken German since|for the end of the war.
22. You have kept me waiting for|since half an hour!
23. It is about two yearssince|for we last had news of him.
24. I haven't bought a new book since|for April.
25. We haven't seen our cousin for|since ages.
26. His wife has changed a lot since|for the last time we met.
27. My daughter hasn't written to me since|for my birthday.
28. It hasn't snowed here for|since six months.
29. There hasn't been any war in this country for|since over a century.
30. Nothing has been changed here since|for the Middle Ages.
31. She hasn't spoken English since|for her last holidays in the USA.
32. Their flat has not been redecorated for|since the last five years.
33. I have known him since|for 34. She has been in London since|for last summer.
35. She has been an English teacher since|for 1989.
36. She has been preparing for her exams for|since the last two months.
37. We have been playing pokerfor|since the greater part of the night.
38. He has been a party member for|since ten years.
39. We have been waiting for you since|for your phone call.
40. We have not been to the seaside since|for last June.
41. They have been playing tennis since|for breakfast.
42. I have collected stamps since|for the age of ten.
43. She has been singing for|since two hours.
44. She has not appeared here since|for Christmas.
45. I haven't seen this film for|since ages.
46. I've owned this car for|since as long as I can remember.
47. He has lived in this house since|for he was a little boy.
48. The bread has been in the oven for|since long enough now.
49. We haven't been to the cinema since|for they closed it down.
50. I haven't had my eyes examined for|since months.
51. Have you been waiting for|since a long time?
52. It hasn't rained in this region for|since at least five months.
53. I've been trying to contact him since|for this morning.

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