Choose "have" or "has"

1. I have|has answered the question.
2. She has|have opened the window.
3. They have|has called us.
4. You have|has carried a box.
5. It has|have rained a lot.
6. We have|has washed the car.
7. He has|have closed the window.
8. Jenny has|have locked the door.
9. The girls have|has visited the museum.
10. John and Sophie have|has helped in the garden.
11. During the five years, John has|have had fifteen different jobs.
12. He has|have worked in banking sector.
13. Teddy has|have been a teacher since 2004.
14. I have|has been on holiday for six days.
15. I and Kate have|has started our own company this year.
16. Has|Have your mother learned how to drive?
17. They have|has never been to Madrid.
18. Have|Has you ever met anyone famous?
19. We have|has been married for two years.
20. Jude has|have not seen my new dress.

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