Present Perfect Simple and Continuous (Exercise) Page 1

Choose the correct option:
1. Oh no! I can't pay for the taxi; I have my money at home.
2. I have never the Great Wall of China before.
3. Kelly is in her bed, she has for three hours.
4. I have three ice-creams today.
5. Little Susan ill for two weeks now.
6. They English exercises for weeks now. Of course they will pass the test.
7. We here for the last eight months, and to move.
8. They four cups of coffee.
9. That novel on the table for weeks now. You it yet.
10. I here for her since five o' clock and she yet.
11. He a holiday for ten years, because he too busy on his farm.
12. I to see the professor for several days, but the secretary says he Belgium.
13. You asleep all the afternoon? I the bell for the last three hours.
14. Tommy most of Byron's novels.
15. He a book for the last seven months, but very little progress so far.
16. I many countries in the last ten years.
17. I all the morning, but I anything yet.
18. Someone my book. I for it for the last ten minutes, but I can't see it.
19. The picture in the same place ever since I bought it.
20. Charles me to marry him for many years now, but I my mind yet.
21. They have met|have been meeting many times already.
22. The group has been meeting|has met every Friday night since it started.
23. She has been winning|has won awards for journalism for many years.
24. She has won|has been winning five awards for journalism.
25. I have finished|have been finishing my homework now.
26. We have eaten|have been eating prawns before.
27. We have been eating|have eaten prawns all morning.
28. You have been trying|have tried to solve the problem for weeks.
29. You have tried|have been trying to solve the problem many times.

Fill in the gaps with the correct form, present perfect simple (have done) or present perfect continuous (have been doing). When both are possible write the continuous form:
1. Paul, (you/be) to Egypt?
2. How long (you/have) that car, David?
3. I (know) Jana for ten years. We're best friends.
4. Sorry I'm late, Peter, (you/wait) long?
5. How long (you/play) the guitar? - Five years.
6. She's in the kitchen preparing the food for the party. So far she (make) about 20 sandwiches.
7. I (like) football ever since I first watched Liverpool play when I was eight years old.
8. Our neighbours (make) a noise all day.
9. The price of petrol (go down) by about 1%.
10. The price of petrol (go down) since last April.
11. I (paint) this room for five days now. It's a never-ending job.
12. How long (you/know) Mike?
13. I (had) this watch for twenty years. It's as accurate as it was the day I bought it.
14. I (never/be) to Sweden.
15. How long (you/live) in this house?
16. Hi, John. Sorry I'm late. I hope you (not/wait) long.
17. So, Michael, what (you/do) since I last saw you? Anything interesting?
18. It (rain) all day today.
19. This strategy seems to be good. Sales of our products (increase) for some time.
20. The manager (visit) our branch office three time so far this year.

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