Reported Statements: Choose The Right Answer

Choose the correct option:
1. I told him .
2. I think .
3. Please tell me where
4. I didn't know what .
5. He said than usual.
6. I think Wednesday.
7. He said .
8. I believe right.
9. She said hungry.
10. He told us the movie.
11. "I will call you". I told her that I .
12. "I have been there". She told me that she .
13. "I am happy". She told me that she .
14. 'I'll be busy all day.' She told her colleagues she be busy all day.
15. 'We contacted the police.' They said contacted the police.
16. 'I'm really excited!' He told me he really excited.
17. 'We'll be a little bit late.' They told me they be a little bit late.
18. 'I wanted to thank you.' He said he to thank us.
19. 'Helen asked me to call.' She said Helen her to call.
20. "Marta is learning Vietnamese". He told me that Marta Vietnamese.
21. "Yeah, I've been to Greece.". My friend told me that he to Greece.
22. "I have been to that bar.". He told me that he to that bar.

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