Reported Questions: Put The Words In The Right Order

Put the words in the right order to make correct sentences:

1. Chris asked me to tell him where his mother was.

2. She wanted to know how many hours I worked last week.

3. My boss asked me if I was enjoying my new position.

4. She asked if I could type and how fast.

5. The police officer asked the suspect if he knew the victim.

6. She asked me if I had ever been to the United States.

7. I tried to find out if Gwen wanted to come to the party.

8. He enquired whether I had come by train or bus.

9. They asked him if he liked the course.

10. I asked her where she was from.

11. He asked us if we liked the band.

12. She asked me who I’d seen.

13. He asked me where I’d gone to school.

14. She asked him why he was crying.

15. He enquired whether I had come by train.

16. She asked if I had been to Bristol before.

17. He asked me what my name was.

18. He asked how old her mother was.

19. The policeman asked the boy where he lived.

20. She asked what time the train arrived.

21. She asked when they could have dinner.

22. Peter asked John why he was so late.

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