Reported Speech: Put The Words In The Correct Order

Put the words in the right order to make correct sentences:

1. Alex convinced us to buy her old car.

2. We prromised them to send an email.

3. They recommended not leaving the hotel at night.

4. The thief admitted stealing the car.

5. The government advised tourists not to travel.

6. Gary's teacher encouraged him to go to university.

7. My friend agreed not to tell anyone.

8. Their neighbours threatened to call the police.

9. They asked me where I had been living in 1990.

10. She said that he had died.

11. He asked her if she could swim.

12. She said that she would pick James up from the station.

13. They told me that they hadn't had a letter from their son.

14. She said she had never been there.

15. Hoe explained how easy it would be to do it.

16. He asked me if I had bought it yet.

17. He asked her what it would look like.

18. He told me he couldn't possibly do it.

19. He asked me what the point of it was.

20. She asked me why I hadn't had any time to do it.

21. He asked me if I hadn't finished it yet.

22. He told me that he was planning to visit her.

23. He asked if it wouldn't be better to wait a while.

24. She said that she wanted to marry him.

25. They asked him if he liked the course.

26. They said they would phone him.

27. He said that he had never been to Australia.

28. I asked her where she was from.

29. He asked us if we liked the band.

30. He said that he was going to London on Saturday.

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