First Conditional (Exercise: Write The Correct Forms)

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the forms for First Conditional.
In order to check whether you have filled them in correctly, click the "Check" button at the end of the exercise. If you have made a mistake and you don't know what it is, click the "Show Answer" button.

1. If the seminar (begin) at 9:00 we will be on time.
2. If the customer (call) I'll tell her you'll contact her first thing tomorrow.
3. If you inform us of any problems by 10:00 a.m. we (fix) them the same day.
4. If you adopt this marketing strategy your profits (increase) dramatically.
5. Your employees (learn) all they need to know about the program if you send them to this training session.
6. If I (meet) with the customer tomorrow I (give) her your card.
7. Your company (do) better financially if you (produce) for the international market.
8. If you (think) positively you (succeed) .
9. If you (use) biodegradable products it (to be) better for the environment.
10. We (see) Mr. Johnson when we (visit) the factory.
11. She (look) completely different if she cuts her hair.
12. If a deer (get) into your garden, it (eat) all your plants.
13. If I (cook) some eggs, how many (you eat) ?
14. You (get) heart disease if you eat too much meat.
15. If we don't protect the elephant, it (become) extinct.
16. You won't pass the course if you (not study) .
17. If you don't put so much sugar in your coffee, you (not put on) so much weight!
18. You (be able to see) better if you turn on the lamp.
19. You'll pay higher insurance if you (buy) a sports car.
20. If you (eat) an apple every day, you'll be very healthy.
21. If you (not study) , you (fail) the test.
22. We (die) if we (not get) help soon!
23. If you (look) in the fridge, you (find) some cold drinks.
24. If there (be) no oil in the engine, the car (break) down.
25. I (lend) you my umbrella if you (need) it.
26. The sea level (rise) if the planet (get) hotter.
27. If you (eat) your sandwiches now, you (not have) anything for lunch!
28. You (be) safe in an accident if you (wear) your seatbelt.
29. If he (save) all his money, he (be able to go) on holiday to Canada.
30. I (not come) with you if you (not bring) John!
31. She will visit us if she (come) to Europe.
32. They (learn) English if they stay in London for some years.
33. If the weather is fine, we (go) for a walk.
34. If Sally gets a letter, she (write) one, too.
35. He (get) the postcard if she sends it today.
36. If I (save) my pocket money, I will buy the new DVD.
37. You will pass your exam if you (work) hard.
38. He (come) if you wait.
39. If he (talk) quietly, they will not hear him.
40. If the sun (shine) , I will go swimming.
41. If John doesn’t say anything, I (tell) you.
42. If he sends the email now, Lucy (read) it this evening.
43. If the computer (be) on, she will write emails.
44. If I get a new mobile, I (surf) the Internet.
45. If Ben goes to the cinema, he (see) his friends.
46. If the classroom door is open, the pupils (go) in.
47. She will come to your party if you (invite) her.
48. She (give) you the ticket if you give her the money.
49. If you (be) cold, I will make you a cup of tea.
50. My dad (repair) my bike if it is broken.
51. If you (forget) the map, we will lose our way.
52. If you turn on the radio, we (hear) the news.
53. If the temperature (fall) below zero, it will freeze.
54. Ben (go) shopping if mum (feel) ill.
55. Ben (carry) the bag if you (ask) him.
56. (you put) the cups on the table if I (pass) them to you?
57. He (show) you the photos if he (fetch) them from the shop.
58. Somebody (come) if you (ring) the bell.
59. They (be) ill if they (drink) that water.
60. If a beggar (ask) you for money, (you give) him any?
61. I (come) if I (have) nothing to do.
62. He (arrive) by midday if he (start) at once.
63. You (catch) the train if you (leave) earlier.
64. What (you do) if you (meet) Jake?
65. If you (do) your homework, the teacher (be) happy.
66. The girl (take) an umbrella if it (rain) .
67. (you copy) the presentation if I (give) you a CD?
68. If Ben (have) time, he (write) the invitations.
69. (keep) eating like that and you will have problems with your stomach.
70. He is going to invite all our friends to a party if he (pass) his driving test.
71. (you come) to the theatre with me if I tell you in advance?
72. Please (visit) my friend Maurice if you travel to Paris.
73. She (not find) a flat unless she looks carefully around the whole city.
74. You mustn't open this computer unless you (be) an expert.
75. I'm seeing all my clients this mornings if my secretary (have) telephoned them.
76. What (happen) if the prices of food rise too much?
77. They won't find the hotel unless they (ask) somebody: it's a huge city.
78. You (can) see shooting stars in the summer if you look patiently at the sky for some time.
79. If I (study) , I (pass) the exams.
80. If the sun (shine) , we (talk) to the town.
81. If he (have) a temperature, he (see) the doctor.
82. If my friends (come) , I (be) very happy.
83. If she (earn) a lot of money, she (fly) to New York.
84. If we (travel) to London, we (visit) the museums.
85. If you (wear) sandals in the mountains, you (slip) on the rocks.
86. If Rita (forget) her homework, the teacher (give) her a low mark.
87. If they (go) to the disco, they (listen) to loud music.
88. If you (wait) a minute, I (ask) my parents.
89. If it (rain) , the children (not go) for a walk.
90. If she (not read) the novel, she (not pass) the literature test.
91. If I (not argue) with my father, he (lend) me his motorbike.
92. If we (take) the bus, we (not arrive) in time.
93. If Dick (not buy) the book, his friends (be) with him.
94. If Tom (not tidy up) his room, Victoria (not help) him with the muffins.
95. If the boys (not play) football, the girls (not come) to the football pitch.
96. If you (eat) too much junk food, you (not lose) weight.
97. If I (not make) breakfast tomorrow morning, my girlfriend (not love) me anymore.
98. If they (not hurry) , they (not catch) the train.


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