Second Conditional (Exercise: Write The Correct Form)

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the form of the Second Conditional. Write the words in full (would, and not 'd; would not and not wouldn't).

To check if you have filled them in correctly, click the "Check" button at the end of the exercise. If you have made a mistake but don't know what it is, click the "Show Answer" button.

1. If she were rich, she (fly) to the USA.
2. They would sing a birthday song if they (know) one.
3. I would learn for the test if I (be) you.
4. If she (have) time, she would certainly help you.
5. If our mother were ill, we (prepare) our meal ourselves.
6. If Janet were more beautiful, she (become) a film star.
7. I wish she (come) to my party.
8. She (marry) him if he asked her to become his wife.
9. They (move) to London if they spoke English.
10. If I were a millionaire, I (travel) a lot.
11. She (live) in a detached house if she owned one.
12. If he spoke French, he (understand) the new students from France.
13. Jack (go) to the party if his friends joined him.
14. I (visit) them if they invited me.
15. Tom (come) if he knew how to get there.
16. If Jill lived in Vienna, she (go) to the theatre more often.
17. If I had been in London at that time, I probably (meet) him.
18. Frank (marry) her if she had been rich.
19. George (win) a medal if hadn't broken his leg.
20. Alexander (watch) the film on TV if he hadn't fallen asleep.
21. If she had taken part in the competition, she (be) the winner.
22. If Harry had been there, Sally (be) happy.
23. Kim and Sam (dance) all night if they had been at the party.
24. If she had been in town, she (meet) Charles and Jill.
25. If they had known the ingredients, they not (eat) this exotic dish.
26. George and Harry their friends if they had known where to find them.
27. If I were you, I (travel) a lot.
28. If Jack had learnt for the exam, he (get) a good mark.
29. If Martin (visit) us, we would be glad.
30. They (be) glad if their parents bought a PC.
31. She would have played chess with you if you (ask) her to do that.
32. He (play) Trivial Persuit with you if the weather isn't fine.
33. They would have talked to her if they (see) her at the party.
34. If the train arrives in time, we (be) glad.
35. She would have played tennis with you if she (have) a racket.
36. We would have had a lot of fun if John (visit) us.
37. If I (be) you, I would travel a lot.
38. If Jack (learn) for the exam, he would have got a good mark.
39. If Martin (visit) us, we would be glad.
40. If they (have) time, they would certainly help you.
41. I would learn for the test if I (be) you.
42. He will play Trivial Persuit with you if the weather (be, not) fine.
43. If our mother (be) ill, we would prepare our meal ourselves.
44. If the train (arrive) in time, we will be glad.
45. She would have played tennis with you if she (have) a racket.
46. We would have had a lot of fun if John (visit) us.
47. She will visit us if she (come) to Europe.
48. They would learn English if they (stay) in London for some years.
49. If she (be) rich, she would fly to the USA more often.
50. If the weather (be) fine, we will go for a walk.
51. They would sing a birthday song if they (know) one.
52. She would visit them if she (know) their address.
53. They would probably come if I (invite) them.
54. If George came to the party, she (be) happy.
55. If I (tell) them what I know, they would be shocked.
56. If I (lose) my passport, I would have to go to the Austrian embassy.
57. She (call) the police if she heard strange sounds in the middle of the night.
58. If he wanted a PC, he (buy) one.
59. She would have gone to the party if she (be) in Vienna.
60. If you (spend) some weeks in London, you could go to all museums.
61. If Tom (buy) this house, his wife would be happy.
62. The streets would be wet if it (rain) .
63. If Jake and Emma (be) late, they would send a text message.
64. I would be very sad if I (lose) my mobile.
65. The teacher would help me if he (have) time.
66. If he (fall) in the river, he would swim.
67. If I was/were you, I (accept) this offer.
68. It (be) nice if you came to the party on Saturday.
69. If the sun shone, everybody (be) happy.
70. If the shoes were too big, I (take) them back.
71. The teacher (give) us a map if we didn't have one.
72. If I (win) a million, I (visit) Australia.
73. If someone (steal) my mobile, I (go) to the police.
74. I (say) "thank you" if Jake (carry) my backpack.
75. Emma (buy) a new top if she (have) enough money.
76. If Jake (leave) now, he (be) at the cinema on time.
77. If you (give) me your mobile, I (call) him for you.
78. I (look) for a new house if I (get) a new job.
79. If I (be) him, I (ask) at the Job Centre.
80. It (be) nice if you (play) football on Monday .
81. If you (take) an umbrella, you (not get) wet.
82. If you (have) the key, you (open) the locker.
83. We (win) the game if we (practice) more.
84. If I (get) up late, I (miss) the bus.
85. If we (arrive) late, we (not find) a hotel.
86. We (not send) the goods if they (not be) in good condition.
87. If he (start) at once, he (arrive) there by midday.
88. Tom (be) sick if he (eat) all those chocolates.
89. If I (lose) my glasses, I (not be) able to read.
90. You (become) ill if you (forget) your jacket.
91. If the weather (get) colder, I (buy) a new coat.
92. If Joe (be) here, he (catch) some fish for supper.
93. It (be) nice if the rain (stop) !
94. I (sing) you a song if I (have) my guitar.
95. If I (have) a better sleeping bag, I (not feel) so cold.
96. If this tent (be) any smaller, one of us (have to sleep) outside!
97. I (look) out for bears if I (be) you!
98. If I (not be) so hungry, I (share) my beans with you.
99. If you had your holidays in July, we (can) do some canoeing together.
100. They would join us in the trekking if their children (be) a bit older.
101. If he (not print) the document, I (not correct) it.
102. Mary would play the piano beautifully if she (have) a little more time to rehearse.
103. If she (not bully) her classmates, she (have) more friends.
104. Would you believe me if I (tell) you that my grandfather once met Albert Einstein?
105. If you (drop) this bottle, it (not break) .
106. If you saw a furious bear in front of you, tell me, what (you, do) ?
107. Maybe if there (be) more English books in this library I could come to finish my assignments.
108. I (be) your friend even if you were a lot uglier than you are now.
109. If I (come) home earlier, I (prepare) dinner.
110. If we (live) in Rome, Francesco (visit) us.
111. If Tim and Tom (be) older, they (play) in our hockey team.
112. If he (be) my friend, I (invite) him to my birthday party.
113. If Susan (study) harder, she (be) better at school.
114. If they (have) enough money, they (buy) a new car.
115. If you (do) a paper round, you (earn) a little extra money.
116. If Michael (get) more pocket money, he (ask) Doris out for dinner.
117. If we (hurry) , we (catch) the bus.
118. If it (rain) , Nina (take) an umbrella with her.
119. If Oliver (find) money, he (not keep) it.
120. If they (not wear) pullovers in the mountains, it (be) too cold during the night.
121. If Tony (know) her phone number, he (not give) it to Frank.
122. If we (not visit) this museum, we (not write) a good report.
123. If it (be) not so late, we (play) a game of chess.
124. If Jeff (not like) Jessica, he (not buy) her an ice-cream.
125. If I (be) you, I (not go) to Eric's party.


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