Comparatives and Superlatives (Exercise: Choose the Correct Answer)

Which do you prefer, MP3 files or CDs? Mp3 files are if you only want to buy one or two songs by an artist or group. It's to buy CDs. It's also to carry an MP3 player around, because they are and lighter than CD players. On the other hand, some people prefer to collect CDs. Each CD has unique artwork on the cover so that you can see which artist recorded it. And although MP3 players can be downloaded, not everyone owns a computer.

Prague is one of the popular tourist destinations in Europe. After all the political changes of the early 1990's, the capital of the Czech Republic began to take advantage of its beautiful cultural and architectural heritage to attract tourists than ever before.
Prague is a city than many people imagine and it is easy to move around this wonderful city on foot. Public transport is in Prague than in other European cities but it is often to walk, enabling you to appreciate marvellous buildings you might have missed if you had been sitting on a bus or a tram.
people leave the city of Prague without commenting on the superb food and drink available here. Eating out here is a than it used to be but you can still have a three course meal for around $15 without any problems.

1. He lives than Peter.
2. He lives out of all of us.
3. He lives than the rest of us.
4. Jim drives than most people that I know.
5. Jim drives of all my friends.
6. Frank welcomed us than his wife did.
7. Frank's wife cooks out of anyone I know.
8. Frank's wife cooks than anyone I know.
9. Which of these three girls dances ?
10. Which of these two girls dances ?
11. I visit my parents than my brothers do.
12. He thinks he always knows .
13. Out of all my siblings, I visit my parents .
14. David did than he thought he would do on his test.
15. I did out of all the students on my test.
16. Out of all the students, Frank studied , but got the best grade.
17. We argued than I thought we would.
18. My sisters laughed out of the whole audience.
19. The two guys who enjoyed the game were Tom and Robert.
20. George drives than his brother.
21. There are 10 houses on our street. Our house is the one.
22. My brother sings better than I do, but I play guitar than he does.
23. This is song I have ever heard!
24. Tom is than I am.
25. Out of all the students in our class, I am .
26. Everyone says that my sister is than I am.
27. She is girl in our school.
28. This is boring. Let's do something .
29. This isn't book I have ever read.
30. Your apartment is than mine.
31. This is book in the whole store.
32. That shirt is than the other one.
33. Peter was laughing hard, but his wife was laughing even !
34. He is man that I know.
35. Robert is never on time. He always arrives than the rest of us.
36. That is song I've ever heard!
37. Your cat is than ours.
38. I thought this test would be difficult, but it's test I've ever taken.
39. Out of all the films I've seen, this one is .
40. Your answer is wrong, but it's than the other students' answers.
41. What is place in the world?
42. The weather in Libya is than the weather in Italy.
43. May is usually than March.
44. Which part of Germany has the weather?
45. Europe is than Africa.
46. Scotland had the snowfall last month.
47. Kareem Abdul Jabaar used to be one of the basketball players in the NBA.
48. Even though he was one of the best players in the game, he earned money than even the mediocre players in the NBA do today.
49. The harder one studies, the one learns.
50. Math is for her than physics.
51. Of all the girls in my English class, Maria is attractive.
52. Studying English grammar was the experience in Jack's life.
53. Of the two papers, the one on the physical and psychological benefits of yoga is the .
54. Of her three jumps, the second was the .
55. Maria thinks that Jack is than Max.
56. The they are, the harder they fall.
57. I have friends in the world.
58. Joe has been working very since he graduated.
59. It's getting to find a good job.
60. I did very well on the TOEFL test. It seemed much than the last time I took it.
61. The movie was so that we had difficulty staying awake.
62. Could you speak more ?
63. Mary talks than anyone else I know.
64. Thank you for the compliment. That's thing anyone has ever said to me.
65. That chocolate ice cream tastes .
66. My dog is than the other dogs in the neighborhood.
67. I think she is still ill. She looks even than last week.
68. His results are not his colleague's.
69. Which of the three supermarkets do you think has range of products?
70. He has potential than anyone thought.
71. It's becoming to attract new customers. What we need is a new strategy.
72. In the last few months, competition has become .
73. Things are better organised now - we have problems than before.
74. There are more accidents on this road because it's than the others.
75. I chose this car as my favourite because it's all the ones I have driven.
76. She's a lot in the new job than she was in the previous one.
77. It's better I thought.
78. Brazil is England.
79. She is in the class
80. I'm not as successful she is.
81. It was expensive restaurant I've ever been to.
82. I'd like some information.
83. It's art collection in Europe.
84. It was than I was expecting.
85. This is the kitchen I've ever seen.
86. Which is of the two?
87. She finished than everyone else.
88. The underground is buses.
89. The plane would be than the coach.
90. It was test I have ever done.
91. There were people at the game than expected.
92. The difficult thing was communication.
93. Karen is than her sister.
94. The mouse is the animal in the zoo.
95. Barbara is as as Janet.
96. The dog is than the hamster.
97. Everyone in our family sings beautifully, but my mother is the singer.
98. A knife is than a spoon.
99. His aunt is as as my father.
100. There are many exciting cities, but New York is the city in the world.
101. The bus is than the train.
102. There are many cheap things in that shop, but the salt is the thing.
103. Betty is than George.
104. All the boys are bad, but Larry is the .


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