Comparatives (Exercise: Write the Correct Forms)

Write the comparative form of the adjectives:

Use the information from the table and the comparative form of the adjectives to write true sentences:
Austin Mini305 cm625 k129 kph7.5++
Range Rover447 cm1900 k168 kph13-18++++++


LENGTH: The Austin Mini is than the Range Rover.
LENGTH: The Range Rover is than the Austin Mini.
WEIGHT: The Austin Mini is than the Range Rover.
WEIGHT: The Range Rover is than the Austin Mini.
SPEED: The Austin Mini is than the Range Rover.
SPEED: The Range Rover is than the Austin Mini.
PETROL: The Austin Mini is than the Range Rover.
COMFORT: The Range Rover is than the Austin Mini.
PRICE: The Austin Mini is than the Range Rover.
PRICE: The Range Rover is than the Austin Mini.

Fill in the gaps with the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets:
1. My sister is (tall) than my mother.
2. John is (intelligent) than his (young) sister.
3. Mary is (beautiful) than Dorothy.
4. She is (nice) than her brothers.
5. He is by far (slim) than his wife.
6. The English test was definitely (easy) than the German test.
7. This book is (exciting) than the film.
8. She is (rich) than her friends.
9. This way is (dangerous) than the other one.
10. Sally is (big) than her mother, isn't she?
11. This blouse is (cheap) than that T-shirt.
12. The book is (good) than the computer game.
13. He is (difficult) than his sister.
14. She is (popular) than her brothers and sisters.
15. The theatre is (close) to her home than the opera.
16. The opera is away (far) than the theatre.
17. She usually behaves (bad) than her brothers and sisters.
18. He is (good) at English than his sister.
19. She is (bad) at English than her brother.
20. It’s (safe) to take the train, isn’t it?
21. Mary doesn’t make as (many) mistakes as Jennifer.
22. These apples taste (good) than ours.
23. She speaks (fast) than her younger brother.
24. They waited (patiently) for the bus than her parents.
25. The children ran (quickly) than their parents.
26. Linda is (small) than Ilse.
27. Jack is as (tall) as John.
28. Bill doesn’t play soccer as (well) as Brian.
29. Harry writes (slowly) than Sally.
30. Kim has got a (good) voice than Jane.
31. Jill listens (attentively) than her classmates.
32. She plays chess (good) than her (young) brother.
33. Alexander is (tall) than I am, but he is still (small) than Michael.
34. The old car is not (expensive) than the new one.
35. He realised that his children behaved (good) than their friends.
36. Sam doesn’t understand anything if you speak even (fast) than Tom.
37. Liz usually writes her letters (carefully) than Maggie.
38. Jim separates the (important) letters from the less important ones.
39. She speaks English very well, but Tracy speaks it even (well).
40. Tom is a well-known physician, but Frank is (famous) .
41. This coat is (expensive) than the boots she wears.
42. Spring is (cool) than summer.
43. Australia is (big) than England.
44. This bed is (comfortable) than that bed.
45. My dictionary is (good) than your dictionary.
46. His computer is (bad) than her computer.
47. He's (fat) than his friend.
48. Mike is (healthy) than Sam.
49. Whales are (big) than elephants.
50. Gold is (expensive) than silver.
51. Cars are (safe) than motorbikes.
52. Actors are usually (famous) than writers.
53. His Italian is (good) than his German.
54. A cheetah is (fast) than a horse.
55. Susan’s hair is (short) than Betty’s.
56. The Mt Blanc is (high) than the Großglockner.
57. June is (hot) than May.
58. Table tennis is (easy) than tennis.
59. French is (difficult) than English.
60. "Contact" is (interesting) than "Airforce One".
61. Hot dogs are (good) than hamburgers.
62. Skiing is as (easy) as riding a bike.
63. Tennis is (popular) than skiing.
64. Detective films are as (boring) as western films.
65. Romantic films are (boring) than western films.
66. The United States are (large) than Mexico.
67. A mouse is as (clever) as a hamster.
68. A canary is (colourful) than an eagle.
69. Peter is as (clever) as George.
70. January is as (cold) as February.
71. He arrived (early) than expected.
72. We walked (slowly) than the rest of the people.
73. They called us (late) in the afternoon.
74. My mother and my sister talked (loudly) than the other guests.
75. He hit his arm (hard) than before.
76. The Spanish athlete ran (fast) than the other runners.
77. Jim threw the ball (far) than Peter.
78. We answered all the questions (well) than the other students.
79. Our new teacher explains the exercises (badly) than our old teacher.
80. The new mechanic checked the car (thoroughly) than the old mechanic.
81. My house is (big) than yours.
82. This flower is (beautiful) than that one.
83. The weather this summer is even (bad) than last summer.
84. Non-smokers usually live (long) than smokers.
85. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive) than a beer.
86. A holiday by the sea is (good) than a holiday in the mountains.
87. I speak English (fluently) now than last year.
88. He worked (hard) than ever before.
89. She smiled (happily) than before.
90. Jim can run (fast) than John.
91. Could you write (clearly) ?
92. Planes can fly (high) than birds.
93. He had an accident last year. Now, he drives (careful) than before.
94. John is as (tall) as Glen.
95. Janet is as (beautiful) as Jeniffer.
96. You are as (crazy) as my sister.
97. We can run as (fast) as they can.
98. My mom is not as(strict) as your mum.
99. Your mobile phone is not as (trendy) as mine.
101. Matrix II was not as (interesting) as Matrix I.
102. This yoghurt (not / taste / good) the one I bought yesterday.
103. I can do as (many) press-ups as you.
104. I do not earn as (much) money as you do.
105. The Nile river is (long) than the Amazon.
106. I'm (tall) than Yuri but (short) than Miko.
107. They're (handsome) than us, but we're (smart) than them.
108. This book bag is (expensive) than that bag.
109. This newspaper is (good) than that newspaper.
110. Soda juice tastes (bad) than fruit juice.
111. Today is (warm) than yesterday.
112. This TV program is (interesting) .

Fill in the gaps with the comparative form of the adjectives from the table:

1. An elephant is than a mouse.
2. Montreal is than New York.
3. The Nile River is than the Hudson River.
4. A Cadillac is than a Hyundai.
5. An apple tree is in the spring than in the winter.
6. A duck is than a swan.
7. Hercules was than any other men.
8. American coffee is than Turkish coffee.
9. Bogotá is usually than London.
10. Anchorage, Alaska, is usually than Rome.
11. My room is at night than during the day.
12. A lion is a color than a monkey.
13. A giraffe is than a lion.
14. The days are in the winter than in the summer.
15. Most people think that horses are than chickens.
16. Some people find comedies than dramas.
17. Bill Gates is than most people.
18. I think that a summer sunset is than a winter sunset.
19. SCUBA diving is than playing baseball.
20. My father is than my brother.


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