Superlatives (Exercise: Choose the Correct Answer)

1. They bought the sofa in the shop.
2. This is the TV.
3. I live in house in the street.
4. He's got computer in the office.
5. Is this table you have?
6. Which chair is strongest?
7. February is month.
8. She's beautiful girl in the world.
9. Summer is time for a holiday.
10. This is the place in the world.
11. This is the place I know.
12. He's player in the team.
13. It's the best pizza I've .
14. Cheetahs are the animals in the world.
15. It's the beautiful place I've seen.
16. Germany is the country I've been to.
17. She's the person I know.
18. This is moment.
19. Our house is in the street.
20. He is of four children.
21. man in the world is 120 years old.
22. Don't go there - it's shop in the town.
23. My brother says The Beatles were group ever.
24. The Nile is river in the world.
25. Everest is mountain in the world.
26. Is the president man in the country?
27. Sam is a terrible footballer - he's player in the team.
28. What's city in the world?
29. Russia is the country.
30. I am the at spelling.
31. My wedding was the day of my life.
32. Scott is the eater.
33. He's the warrior in the army.
34. That test was the test I've ever done.
35. Your dog is the dog in America.
36. This watch is the watch we have.

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