Comparatives (Exercise: Choose the Correct Answer)

1. He is about this than I am.
2. Mary wears her white skirt than (she wears) her blue one.
3. Which one is ?
4. This is much .
5. This sounds a bit .
6. This trip was than the last one.
7. My room is than your room.
8. This house is than that house.
9. Petra is than her sister-in-law.
10. My teacher is than your teacher.
11. The bathroom is than the kitchen.
12. Winter is than summer.
13. My English is than my French.
14. It's in Italy than in Scotland.
15. London is than Oxford.
16. Driving is than flying.
17. My dancing is than my singing.
18. Your car is than mine.
19. Tom is than Mark.
20. He doesn't work as as I do.
21. Whales are than elephants.
22. My meal is than yours.
23. It's than mine.
24. Yours is than mine.
25. He's than he looks.
26. The road is than the motorway.
27. It's than it looks.
28. It's than it was.
29. It was than I thought it would be.
30. My sister is two years than me.
31. Cars are than bicycles.
32. Rats are than mice.
33. China is much than Britain.
34. Norway is than Greece in winter.
35. Old films are usually than modern films.
36. Edinburgh is from London than it is from Manchester.
37. Strawberries are than kiwis.
38. My brother is 30 and I am 35. I am older .
39. My brother weighs 85 kilos. I weigh 80. He is .
40. Our house is than theirs.
41. I'm than my brother.
42. Tortoises live than cats.
43. Electrical goods are usually in America than in Britain.
44. Electrical goods are usually in Britain than in America.
45. Bob Dylan is a singer than George Michael.
46. I think studying mathematics is than learning English.
47. Switzerland is much than Germany.
48. My brother is 30 and I am 25 - I am than him.
49. Peter is than Paul.
50. That shirt is than this one.
51. Her car is much than my car.
52. Tina's dress is than Lucy's dress.
53. I am than you.
54. I think Pete is than Paul!
55. France is than Belgium.
56. My pizza looks than your pizza.
57. Michael is a driver than Toby.
58. Today it is than it was yesterday.
59. A bike is a car.
60. "I think Marilyn Monroe was
61. "CDs are much records, and nobody listens to tapes!"

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