Third Conditional (Exercise: Write The Correct Form)

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the form for Third Conditional. Write the words in full (would, and not 'd; would not and not wouldn't).

To check if you have filled them in correctly, click the "Check" button at the end of the exercise. If you have made a mistake but don't know what it is, click the "Show Answer" button.

1. If you (take) a taxi, you would have caught the train.
2. I would have come if I (have) nothing to do.
3. The pupils (miss) the bus if they hadn't left early.
4. If the friends (go) to the cafe, they would have eaten pizzas.
5. If I (have) enough money, I would have bought that mobile.
6. I (write) to him if he had written to me.
7. If Dad had been a pilot, he (take) me with him.
8. My uncle (be) able to help us if he had been here.
9. She (not know) the answer if she hadn't read the text message.
10. The man would never have found the house if he (not ask) a policeman.
11. If Mum (leave) the money on the table, Jake would have done the shopping.
12. If Jake had won the money, he (buy) a car.
13. If the teacher (ask) her, she would have answered.
14. If Mum hadn't gone out, she (not invite) her friends.
15. If his watch had been slow, he (be) late.
16. If he (go) to France, he would have learned/learnt French.
17. If Ben (tell) scary stories, the children would have been frightened.
18. The dog (bark) if there had been anyone at the door.
19. If the cat had jumped, it (catch) the mouse.
20. He would have written an email if he (hear) any news.
21. He (come) yesterday if he (have) nothing to do.
22. If you (do) as I had said , you (win) .
23. If I (lose) my mobile, I (not be) able to call you.
24. You (find) the book if you (open) the bag.
25. It (break) if you (not catch) it.
26. If you (enjoy) the party, you (not go) home.
27. (you tell) him the truth if (you have) to?
28. If Jake (like) the film, he (buy) the DVD.
29. If we (go) to the summer camp, we (stay) in a cabin.
30. If I (not tell) him, he (never know) .
31. I (never find) the shop if the woman (not help) me.
32. Ben (take) the dog for a walk if he (be) home in time.
33. If we (have) time, we (go) to the London Eye.
34. If the weather (be) better, we (walk) to Buckingham Palace.
35. They (see) a lion if they (go) to the zoo.
36. It (be) better if you (wear) the blue T-shirt.
37. Mum (bake) a cake if she (have) any eggs.
38. If the weather (be) good, the kids (cycle) to school.
39. Emma (read) her sister a story if she (be) awake.
40. Emma (invite) the Browns if they (not go) on holiday.
41. If the seminar (begin) at 10:00, we would have been on time.
42. If the customer (call) earlier, I would have told her to try your cell phone.
43. If you had informed us of these problems by 8:00 a.m., we (fix) them this morning.
44. If you had adopted that marketing strategy, your profits (increase) dramatically.
45. Your employees (learn) everything about the program if you had sent them to that training session.
46. If I (meet) with the customer yesterday I (give) her your card.
47. Your company (do) better financially if you (produce) for the international market.
48. If you (think) more positively you (succeed) .
49. If you (use) biodegradable products it (be) better for the environment.
50. We (see) Mr. Johnson if we (visit) the factory last week.
51. If he (know) you were in hospital, he would have visited you.
52. We wouldn't have come by taxi if we (find) the right bus.
53. We would have visited the Prado gallery if we (have) time.
54. If you hadn't been asking me questions all the time, I (enjoy) the film.
55. If I (know) your number, I would have phoned.
56. If just one person had remembered my birthday, I (not be) sad.
57. I would have understood the film if it (be) in German.
58. They (come) to see you if they hadn't been away.
59. If she (park) there, she wouldn't have got a fine.
60. If I'd known you were coming, I (bake) a cake.
61. If she (leave) the shed unlocked, they wouldn't have stolen her bike.
62. If you had told me about the concert, I (go) .
63. The storm (do) a lot of damage if it had come this way.
64. The holidays would have been great if the weather (be) better.
65. I (enjoy) the party if you hadn’t behaved so badly.
66. If I (rent) a smaller car, I would have spent less money on petrol.
67. If I (pass) my driving test last month, I would have bought a car straight away.
68. If I (complain) in the shop, they might have given me a discount.
69. The job (be done) much faster if there'd been more people helping. As it was, it took us forever.
70. If the job (not take) so long, we would've had more time to do other things.
71. I (not say) what I said if I had known earlier what her reaction was going to be.
72. I wouldn't have bought the house if I (know) it was damp.
73. If I (be) in your shoes, I wouldn't have accepted the offer. You made a big mistake.
74. I (not start) the job if I had known it was going to take so long.
75. If the weather (be) nice, they (play) football.
76. If we (go) to a good restaurant, we (have) a better dinner.
77. If John (learn) more words, he (write) a good report.
78. If the boys (take) the bus to school, they (arrive) on time.
79. If the teacher (explain) the homework, I (do) it.
80. If they (wait) for another 10 minutes, they (see) the pop star.
81. If the police (come) earlier, they (arrest) the burglar.
82. If you (buy) fresh green vegetable, your salad (taste) better.
83. If Alex (ask) me, I (email) the documents.
84. If he (speak) more slowly, Peggy (understand) him.
85. If you (check) the car, it (not break down) in the middle of the desert.
86. If it (not rain) , the children (play) outside.
87. If my parents (not be) so tired, they (watch) the film on TV.
88. If she (buy) a new hard disk, she (not lose) all data.
89. If we (use) the town map, we (not get) lost.
90. If Tom (eat) more salad, he (not catch) a cold.
91. If the police (not stop) me, I (reach) you in time.
92. If his older brother (not drive) so fast, he (not crash) into the other car.
93. If Fred (not cheat) at the test, his teacher (not phone) his father.
94. If I (not switch off) the radio, I (know) about the second goal.


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