Have and Have Got - Similarities and Differences

Have got:

1. Both are used for possession, meaning "to own, to possess":
He has three passports.
They've got a new house.
*The following uses are included:
- for relationships:
He has (got) a girlfriend.
- illnesses:
That child has (got) a cold.
- appearance, look:
Her office has (got) a nice view.
I have (got) a tattoo.

2. Only have is used in other meanings:
She has dinner very late. (to eat)
I want to have a shower now. (to take)

3. Only have is used in other tenses except the present simple:
Did you have any problems?
Have you ever had a car?
They are having a wonderful time.

4. In writing and in American English the use of have is preferable.

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