Comparatives and Superlatives (Exercise: Write the Correct Forms)

1. Write the comparative and the superlative form of the adjectives
2. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets (base, comparative, superlative)

Write the comparative and superlative form of the adjectives:

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets (base, comparative, superlative). Add "the", "more", "most", "than" where necessary:
1. What's the (low) recorded temperature in the world?
2. Greece is (dry) than Germany.
3. The weather is (good) today than it was yesterday.
4. July and August are usually the (hot) months in France.
5. I think spring is (comfortable) than summer.
6. It was the (bad) winter for ten years.
7. Is it true that you are (old) than me?
8. Peter is the (intelligent) student here.
9. Going out is (good) than staying in.
10. English food is (bad) in the world!
11. I don't think London is (cheap) than New York.
12. Is driving in England (dangerous) than driving in Europe?
13. Dad's car is much (fast) than mine.
14. I think scuba diving is (fascinating) than climbing.
15. His thirst grew (big) and (big) .
16. He thinks this test was (difficult) than the last one.
17. They live in a (beautiful) house.
18. She is the (good) tennis player in the world.
19. Susan is a (nice) girl.
20. This suitcase is (heavy) than the others.
21. Hotels in London are (expensive) than in Vienna.
22. Bob is (tall) than Keith, but Phil is the (tall) .
23. Doris reads (many) books than Peter, but Frank reads the (many).
24. France is as (beautiful) as Spain.
25. They live in a (big) house, but Fred lives in a (big) one.
26. My sister is three years (young) than me.
27. This was the (bad) film I have ever seen.
28. A bicycle is (cheap) a motorbike.
29. For me, English is (easy) Maths.
30. French is difficult, but Japanese is (difficult).
31. "Mission: Impossible" is (exciting) "Mission: Impossible 2"
. 32. The night of the 23th June is (short) night of the year.
33. Jupiter is (big) Venus.
34. August is (hot) month in Valencia.
35. Of all the good friends I have, Brian is (good) .
36. My brother is (old) my sister.
37. The red T-shirt is (nice) than the blue T-shirt.
38. The Queen of England is (rich) David Beckham.
39. The Pacific Ocean is (large) ocean in the world.
40. My house is very small, but your house is (small) .
41. Jupiter is (large) planet in the Solar System.
42. He is (vain) actor in Hollywood.
43. My sweater is as (colourful) as your sweater.
44. This street is (quiet) street in the town.
45. My bag isn't as (heavy) as your bag.
46. Your photo is (nice) my photo.
47. Dalí is as (important) as Picasso.
48. Boots are (fashionable) trainers.
49. Valencia is (warm) Ávila.
50. Sarah's hair is (curly) Laura's hair.
51. Jodi Jackson is one of my (good) friends.
52. My cousin lives in (far) city in Spain.
53. It is (bad) film I have seen.
54. Javier is (tall) student in our class.
55. Paris (beautiful) Munich.
56. Jane is (happy) person I know.
57. Jake arrived much (late) than the teacher at school.
58. This mouse is (tiny) mouse in the cage.
59. Mr Jones is (popular) than Mrs Davies.
60. The hamburger was (tasty) than the fish and chips.
61. After the bike ride Jake was (tired) boy of the group.
62. Lucy was (scared) than Jane in the London Dungeon.
63. This is (good) book in the library.
64. The holiday on the farm was (exciting) than the last holiday.
65. Jake´s birthday was as (great) as Pete's.
66. Jake´s dog runs (fast) than Sue's.
67. It rained all day. It was (bad) day of the holiday.
68. The roads in London are (busy) than the roads in Scotland.
69. The Beefeaters are (friendly) guards in London.
70. The Crown Jewels are (expensive) than my earrings.
71. Buckingham Palace is (good) sight in London.
72. The policeman was as (nice) as the Beefeater.
73. Big Ben is (big) than Sue´s house.
74. You can meet (cool) people in Hyde Park.
75. The bells in the clock tower are (loud) than my CDs.
76. The (good) street for shopping is Oxford Street.
77. The Nile river is (long) river in the world.
78. Tyler is (happy) and (kind) person I know.
79. The blue team got (good) score and the red team got (bad) .
80. This is (cheap) ticket to France.
81. MinWoo is (hard-working) student in our class.
82. This is (boring) movie in the world.
83. My sister is (young) person in my family.
84. The (long) word in English is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
85. The Sears Tower in Chicago is (high) the Empire State Building in New York.
86. He is (good) at maths than his brother.
87. English is (easy) to learn than Chinese.
88. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need (far) information.
89. Texas is the second (large) state in the USA.
90. The river Loire is (long) than the Seine.
91. Roses are probably (pretty) flowers that exist.
92. I did not like his previous film, but I think the new one is even (bad) .
93. The traffic is (busy) than yesterday.
94. The days are (short) in winter.
95. Are computers (expensive) in Britain than in France?
96. This is (important) decision I have ever had to make.
97. He is two years (old) his brother.
98. John is a (good) pianist than David.
99. Mount Everest is (high) mountain in the world.
100. Venus is (near) the sun than Mars.
101. A plane is (fast) and (comfortable) than a bus.
102. You look (thin) . Have you lost weight ?
103. Our neighbours have (nice) garden I have ever seen.
104. Education makes you (intelligent) .
105. I think she is still ill. She looks even (bad) than last week.
106. His results are not (good) his colleague's.
107. Which of the three supermarkets do you think has (wide) range of products?
108. He has (big) potential than anyone thought.
109. It's becoming (hard) and to attract new customers. What we need is a new strategy.
110. In the last few months, competition has become much (tough) .
111. Things are better organised now - we have (few) problems than before.
112. There are more accidents on this road because it's (narrow) than the others.
113. I chose this car as my favourite because it's (fast) of all the ones I have driven.
114. She's a lot (happy) in the new job than she was in the previous one.


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