Comparatives and Superlatives (Exercise: Put the Words in the Correct Order)

Put the words in the right order to make correct sentences:

1. New York is the most wonderful city in the world.

2. Jenny is the most beautiful girl I have ever met.

3. Jack is the brightest pupil in his class.

4. Mary isn't as clever as her brother.

5. This is the worst dress you have ever bought.

6. A house is usually bigger than a flat.

7. Your car is more comfortable than my car.

8. A jet is faster than a truck.

9. A witch is uglier than a fairy.

10. They get married for better or for worse.

11. This is the best cake I've ever eaten.

12. Harry isn't as handsome as me.

13. My sister's shorter than me.

14. You walk more quickly than Alice.

15. They don't speak French as well as you.

16. I'm more relaxed today than yesterday.

17. This test is better than the last one.

18. The waiters aren't as friendly as you'd expect.

19. Your car isn't as fast as mine.

20. Michael is as tall as his older brother.

21. My meal wasn't as tasty as yours.

22. A take-away is as convenient as going for a meal.

23. His MP3 player isn't as modern as mine.

24. We went to the best restaurant in town.

25. Which is the most interesting museum?

26. This is the oldest castle in Britain.

27. Is this the most comfortable hotel?

28. That's the highest building in London.

29. This is the most relaxing place.

30. New York is one of the most exciting cities.

31. Is the Queen of England richer than the Queen of Belgium?

32. Are rich people happier than poor people?

33. Which month has the fewest days?

34. Last week the weather was better than this week.

35. Tomorrow will be sunnier than today.

36. It will also be a lot drier.

37. Our school is the biggest building in the street.

38. Is Charles more intelligent than Richard?

39. This is the silliest comic I know.

40. Are oranges better for your health than apples?

41. Our new house is more beautiful than our old house.

42. A cat is quieter than a dog.

43. The noise at night is the worst of all.

44. Your health is more important than anything else.

45. Your English is much better than mine.

46. The best whisky comes from Scotland.

47. We've had much more rain this year than last year.

48. There are fewer Jews in Israel than in New York.

49. People say that Rolls Royce cars are the best in the world.

50. I don't know much, but she knows even less than I do.

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