Other, Another, The Other

Lots of people are confused about these, while in fact "another" is nothing more than "an + other" and the difference between them comes down to the difference between "an" and "the".
With uncountable nouns such as bread, chocolate, money, luggage, butter and so on, we do not use "a" or "an". This means that "other" can be used in front of them.
In front of countable nouns like man, bottle, computer and so on we use „a” or “an”, which means they are preceded by "another".
In front of all of them we can use „the”, i.e. "the other" can come before all nouns, including their plural form.

anotheranother drink
another man
another pillow
------ ------
other ------ other money
other furniture
other bread
other people
other ways
other books
the other the other drink
the other bottle
the other bar
the other money
the other furniture
the other bread
the other people
the other companies
the other books

Here are some examples:
I have already taken a biscuit, but I don't like it because it does not have enough chocolate chips, so I ask:
Give me another biscuit, please.
But if there are a total of two biscuits, I will say:
Give me the other biscuit, please.Now I am really unlucky because I have a plate of biscuits in my hands but they are the wrong flavour, so I say: 
Give me other biscuits, please.
Turns out we only have two plates of biscuits, and I know that, so I want to exchange the ones I have with the others. I go: 
Give me the other biscuits, please.

And here is an example with an uncountable noun:
I don’t want other furniture,I am quite fond of ours.I don’t want to buy the other bread, I like the taste of the bread we usually buy.

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