Reported Speech (Exercises)

Report what each speaker said:
1.He said: “I’ve left my book in my room.”
He said he his book in room.
2.She said: “He will be busy.”
She said he busy.
3.She said to Tom, “Can you help me?”
She asked Tom he help .
4.She asked, “Is this book yours or his?”
She asked book or his.
5.The teacher asked, “How did you repair it?”
The teacher asked how it.
6.The teacher said, “The earth goes round the sun.”
The teacher said that the earth round the sun.
7.My father said, “Practice makes perfect.”
My father said that practice perfect.
8.The boy said to us, “ I usually get up at six every day.”
The boy said to us that usually at six every day.
9.He said, “We are still students.’
He said still students.
10.He said to me, “I was born in 1978.”
He said to me that born in 1978.
11.The engineer said, “I was at college in 1967.”
The engineer said that at college in 1967.
12.He said, “I have studied English since I was a boy.”
He said that English since a boy.
13.She said, “I read the book while I was waiting for a bus.
She said that she the book while she for a bus.
14. Mr. Green said to them, “Joe told me all about his story when he asked for a job.”
Mr. Green said to them that Joe him all about his story when he for a job.
15.He said, “We insisted that she start immediately.
He said that that she immediately.
16.She said, “He demanded that the girl leave at once.”
She said he that the girl at once.
17.I said to him, “I have finished it.”
I said to him that I it.
18.She said to us,“ I’ll come here tomorrow.”
She said to us that she there .
19.“Where does your chemistry teacher live, Karen?” the young man asked.
The young man asked Karen where chemistry teacher .
20.“I have gained the first place in the mathematics competition,” the little boy said happily.
The little boy said happily that he the first place in the mathematics competition.
21.“Light travels faster than sound,” the physics teacher said to the boys and girls.
The physics teacher said to the boys and girls that light faster than sound.
22.“Will you go to the concert with me this evening?” Mary asked me.
Mary asked me I to the concert with .
23.“What did you do here yesterday?” the old man asked my brother.
The old man asked my brother what there .
24. Mr. Swinton said,"I will leave for Shanghai on business next month."
Mr. Swinton said that for Shanghai on business .
25. "I haven't heard from my parents these days," said Mary.
Mary said that from her parents .
26. The geography teacher said to us, "The moon moves around the earth and the earth goes round the sun."
The geography teacher said to us that the moon around the earth and the earth round the sun.
27. Hiro said to his parents, "I had learned 500 English words by the end of last term."
Hiro said to his parents that 500 English words by the end of .
28. He asked, "Are you a student?"
He asked if a student.
29. "Do you have anything interesting I can read, George?" she asked.
She asked George if anything interesting read.
30. "She's here to ask for help, isn't she?" he asked.
He asked if to ask for help.
31. "Where are you going?" the father asked his son.
The father asked his son where .
32. She asked, "Did you meet this man at the station two hours ago, David?"
She asked if I man at the station .
33. She asked, "Are you allowed to go to discos?"
Jake asked Lily she to discos.
34. Mum said to Tom, "You have run over a cat."
Mum said (that) Tom a cat.
35. She asked, "Why can´t you drive more carefully?"
She asked him he more carefully.
36. The doctor said, "Don´t go to school today!"
The doctor told me to school that day.

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