Present Simple and Present Continuous (Exercises)

Complete the gaps with the Present Simple (do) or Present Continuous (be doing) form of the verbs in brackets:
1. Who (sing) over there now?
2. It’s eight o’clock. The students(have) an English class.
3. Listen! The baby (cry) in the next room.
4. Look! The twins (wear) new sweaters.
5. Shhh, my grandparents (sleep).
6. Tom is a worker. He (work) in a factory. His sisters (work) in a hospital.
7. Who (speak) English best in your class?
8. Mrs Read (clean) the windows every day.
9. We (like) music and often (listen) to it at home.
10. She (get) up at six in the morning.
11. On Sunday he sometimes (wash) his clothes and sometimes (do) some shopping.
12. The twins usually (have) milk and bread for breakfast, but Jim only (drink) a cup of coffee.
13. My father always (come) back from work very late.
14. The teacher is so busy that he only (sleep) six hours a day.
15. Listen! Joan (sing) in the classroom. She often (sing)   there after everyone leaves.
16. (your brother know) Japanese?
17. Where (you have) lunch every day?
18. The secretary always (come)   to work wearing some really sexy outfit. Look! She (wear)   a short red skirt today.
19. What (you think) of the idea?
20. What (you think) about?
21. He (not look) his age.
22. He (look)   for his glasses.
23. I (have) a hard time trying to get this finished.
24. I (have) a bad cold.
25. Let's go out. It (not rain) now.
26. It (not rain) very much in summer.
27. I (live) with some friends until I find a flat.
28. My parents (live) in London. They have lived there all their lives.
29. I (do) my homework every evening.
30. Tom (play) the piano almost every day because his parents (want) to have a famous pianist in the family.
31. She (like) swimming. She (swim) every weekend.
32. Usually my mother (wash) the dishes after lunch. But my grandma (wash) them today because my mother (take) the cat to the vet.
33. Look at the man! He (read) a magazine.
34. Listen! My aunt (sing) in the room. She is a singer. She (like) singing.
35. What (you do) now? I (make) a paper plane.
36. What (she do) this weekend? She (visit) her grandparents.
37. A: How (your father go) to work every day?
      B: It's not far, he usually (walk) . But it (rain) today so he (take) the bus.
38. Light (travel) much faster than sound.
39. Where (you have) lunch every day, are there any fast food places around your office?
40. Jenny (not go) to bed until 11:00 o'clock.
41. A: (he not go) clubbing every night? Why is he at home tonight?
      B: He (have) an exam and he (want) to pass this one for a change, so he (cram) for it right now.
42. My neighbour constantly (steal)   our newspapers in the morning, (read) them before work and then (use) them for his barbeque.
43. That man is 85 years old and still (do)   taichi in the park every day. You are only 16 and you only (play) computer games at home. I (take)   the dog for a walk now and you (come) with me!
44. (you like) coffee?
45. A: What (you usually do) in the evening?
      B: I (play) computer games.
46. You (have to) have breakfast every morning! It's good for you!
47. Gina often (knit)  sweaters in the evening. She (knit) one for her grandson right now.
48. She (not speak) any foreign languages so she rarely (travel)   abroad.
49. (he cook) every day or (he cook) some special meal this evening?
50. A: (he go) jogging in the park at 6:30 in the morning?
      B: No, he . He (go) at 5:30 when everyone else is still asleep.

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