Past Simple vs. Past Continuous (Exercises)

Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or Past Continuous:

1. She (say) that she (be) not feeling happy, so I (talk)  to her.
2. I (sit) in a cafe when you (call) .
3. When you (arrive) at the party, who(be)   there?
4. Susie (watch) a film when she (hear) the noise.
5. Yesterday I (go) to the library, next I (have)   a swim, later I (meet)   Julie for coffee.

6. We (play)   tennis when John (hurt)   his ankle.
7. What (they/do) at 10 p.m. last night - it was really noisy?
8. He (take) a shower when the telephone (ring) .
9. He (be) in the shower when the telephone (ring) .
10. When I (walk) into the room, everyone (work) .
11. It (be) a day last September. The sun (shine) and the birds (sing). I (walk) along the street when I (meet) an old friend.
12. He (live) in Russia when the Revolution (start) .
13. When her train (get) to the station, we (wait) on the platform.
14. He (be) so annoying! He always (leave) his things everywhere.
15. On holiday we (visit) Rome, (see) the Vatican, and (spend) a few days at the beach.
16. Why (you/stand) on a chair when I (come) into the room?
17. They (live) in Germany when they (be) young.
18. At 7 p.m. yesterday, we (listen) to music.
19. When I (leave) the house, it (show) .
20. He (work) in a bank when he (meet) his wife.
21. While I (text) , the school bus (arrive).
22. Cindy (break) her leg while she (snowboard) .
23. He (listen) to the radio while he (prepare) breakfast.
24. My father (drive) at 70 km/h when a policeman (stop)  him.
25. The girl (notice) that the boy (watch) her.
26. My dad (fall off) the ladder while he (paint)  the carport.
27. While we (wait) , we (do) crossword puzzles.
28. Nick (become) sick while he (travel)  in Texas.
29. What (you/do) when you (hear) about 9/11?


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