Past Simple Tense

positive:              I/He/She/It/We/You/They       worked.
negative:             I/He/She/It/We/You/They       didn't       work.
interrogative:       (Where)      did        I/he/she/it/we/you/they        work?

Actions or conditions, completed before the current moment:
I met some friends last night.
She started a new job last month.
I went to school even when it snowed.
Pete's brother was on television last night? I had no idea! Did he mention Pete?

Past simple form of regular verbs:
1. +ed
start started
finish finished
play played
2. when the verb ends in "e", only add -d
live lived
care cared
die died
3. when the verb ends in a consonant followed by "y", "y" becomes "i" and we add -ed
dry dried
carry carried
spy spied
4. when the verb ends in a single vowel followed by a single consonant, we double the consonant and add -ed. If the stress is not on that last syllable, the rules does not apply.
stop stopped
beg begged
adMIT admitted
perMIT permitted
HAPpen happened
LISten listened

Past simple form of irregular verbs:

Common words or phrases used with the past simple:
last night/week/month/year;  
yesterday morning/afternoon/evening;
3 hours/days/weeks/years ago.


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