Definite, Indefinite and Zero Article (Exercises)

Fill in the gaps with “the”, “a”, “an” or “–“
1. Is your mother working in old office building?
2. Carol's father works as accountant.
3. My grandmother likes flowers very much.
4. Ben has old bike.
5. Alex goes to work by bus.

6. Peter has aunt in Berlin.
7. Look! There's bird flying.
8. They've got idea.
9. We are listening to English CD.
10. Don't be late for school.
11. most children like sweets.
12. He is drinking cup of coffee.
13. smog is a problem in big cities.
14. Let's sing song.
15. Emily needs new desk in her room.
16. She's reading old comic.
17. Ben has terrible headache.
18. There is new English book on the desk.
19. The girl is pilot.
20. Leipzig has airport.
21. I love flowers in your garden.
22. I need blue pen.
23. See you on Wednesday.
24. This is expensive bike.
25. My sister often stays at Uncle Tim's house in Detroit.
26. She has exercise book in her school bag.
27. What about going to Australia in February?
28. My father is honest person.


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