Articles with geographical names (Exercises)

Fill in the gaps with 'the' or "-"

1. I've been living in London for six years.
2. Danube runs through many European cities.
3. Pacific Ocean has many different types of fish.
4. I love swimming in Mediterranean.
5. Nile is a very beautiful river.
6. She stayed in Belgrade for several weeks.
7. Her husband comes from California.
8. They crossed Black Sea by boat.
9. He has always wanted to visit Rome.
10. She lived in Asia for several years.
11. Tuscany has many beautiful cities.
12. I spent a year travelling around Europe.
13. Would you like to visit South America?
14. They live near Thames.
15. I think Cornwall is a very beautiful part of England.
16. They visited a village in Andes.
17. They went to Philippines on their honeymoon.
18. Republic of Korea is near Japan and China.
19. Have you ever seen Mount Fuji?
20. Azores are a group of islands in the Atlantic.
21. She went to United Kingdom to study English.
22. They drove round Corsica.
23. Australia is a really enormous place.
24. What countries share a border with Norway?
25. Greece gets very, very hot in the summer.
26. I've never been to United States.
27. We went to Republic of Ireland and stayed in Dublin.
28. She comes from Netherlands.
29. She always loved skiing in Alps.
30. He used to work in India.
31. I often go on holiday to Canary Islands.
32. Does England have many big cities?
33. They loved visiting Serbia.


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