Remember, Forget, Stop, Try

Put the verbs in brackets into the gerund or infinitive form:
1. The teacher got furious because I forgot ( do ) my homework.
2. Aysel: Why don’t we stop ( drink ) something cold. It is really hot and I’m tired.
    Veli: That sounds great.
3. I’m sorry, I don’t remember ( see ) you before.
4. Hey, please stop ( shout ) ! There’s an exam in the next classroom.
5. Tansu: I’m bored with French food.
    Sonat: So am I. Let’s try ( eat ) some Mexican food for a change.
6. This is one of the best moments in my life. I will never forget ( watch ) the stars with you.
7. All the soldiers stopped ( rest ) and started to run.
8. Necla: There is something wrong with this soup.
    Hakan: Oh! I’m afraid I forgot  ( add ) some salt to it.
9. Murat: What’s the matter?
    Hasan: I’ve been trying ( reach ) my girlfriend for 2 hours but the line has been busy.  First I tried ( send ) a message but there was no answer. Then I tried ( write ) an email but she hasn't responded.  I wonder where she is.


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