Remember, Forget, Stop, Try, Regret

Put the verbs in brackets into the gerund or infinitive form:
1. Miranda stopped (watch) the horror film as it was getting too scary.
2. I was late for work because I stopped (talk) to some friends.
3. We regret  (inform) you that our hotel is fully booked until the end of August.
4. Max regrets (go) to the meeting. It was a waste of time.
5. I clearly remember (see) Grace at the party. She was talking to Charlotte and Amy.
6. Remember (phone) your grandmother tomorrow. It’s her birthday.
7. Don’t forget (pack) your swimsuits! There’s a lovely pool at the hotel.
8. Amanda will never forget (see) George Michael in concert. What a great night out!
9. Real Madrid tried very hard (score) an equalising goal but they just couldn’t get through Barcelona’s defence.
10. For a delicious alternative try (add) grilled halloumi cheese instead of feta to a Greek salad.


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