Remember, Forget, Stop, Try, Regret (2)

Put the verbs in brackets into the gerund or infinitive form:
1. Kids! Please stop (make) noise. I am trying to concentrate.
2. Ezgi: I have a terrible headache.
  Zeynep: Why don't you try (rest) ?
3. I will never forget (see)   that terrible accident.
4. Do you remember (meet) your best friend for the first time?
5. I regret to (tell) you, but you've failed your English exam.

6. You should stop (see) her. She is a great liar.
7. Last night Melike tried hard (start) the car, but she couldn't.
8. Don't forget (buy) bread on your way home.
9. Let's stop (have) a drink. I know a good pub on the corner.
10. I clearly remember (see) her. She looked great in her suit.
11. Why don't we stop (do) homework and play some computer games?
12. If you see Nazl√Ĺ, remember (invite) her to the party.
13. I can't make a cake. I remember (make) one many years ago. It was as hard as a rock.
14. You should try (do) your best. I know you can do much better.
15. I don't remember (see) Hicran. She is a total stranger to me.
16. When we arrived in Venice, we stopped (see) Sinem. She was so glad to see us.
17. Onur tried hard (win) the exam, but he couldn't.
18. We stopped (buy) some souvenirs, but no shops were open.
19. Now she regrets (turn down) my proposal, but it's too late.
20. Yes Sevde, you may go to your friend's house. But try (not be) late.
21. He stopped (smoke) and started wrestling.
22. I always remember (lock) the door when I go out.
23. It is a very busy restaurant. Don't forget (book) .
24. Oh my god! I forgot (feed) the cat.
25. Ilyas: I can't sleep.
     Duygu: You should try (count) sheep.
26. I tried to (find) my wallet everywhere, but I couldn't.



  1. thank you. a very good exercise. i think it's turkish

    1. The website it is copied from does not state the author, but yes, looking at the names, it would seem he or she is Turkish.


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