Passive (Exercises)

Exercise 1: Choose the correct option
Exercise 2: Fill in the gap with the correct form of the verb in brackets

Exercise 1: Choose the correct option
1. A talk on Chinese history in the school hall next week.
2. To make our city more beautiful, rubbishinto the river.
3. You can go fishing if your work
4. The trees must three times a week.
5. — I won’t come to the party unless Sue , too.
6. Mr. Hawkins has a loud voice. His voice can clearly even in that big classroom.
7. — It’s time to do your homework, Jack.
— Yes, mum. I’ll turn off the TV as soon as the programme .
8. You to the meeting, why didn’t you go?
9. A lot of trees along the river last year.
10. Paper first invented in China.
11. — Do you like the flower?
— Yes, it lovely.
12. It snowed heavily last night. The ground thick snow.
13. The light in the roombefore you leave.
14. that kind of question oftenin your class, Ann?
15. The bridgein three weeks.
16. The old men and the children mustin our country.
17. Wethat the English testnext Monday.
18. Great changesplace in the world since WWII.
19. the red pencil-boxby your father last week?
20. trees usuallyin April?
21. When we got there, the roadrepaired.
22. The windows of the roomonce a week.
23. In 1620, about half the USAforests.
24. Hewith a medal at the ceremony.
25. Films about crime and violenceby young children.
26. In warm weather fruit and meatlong.
27. Half the world’s telephone callsin English.
28. That buildingnow.
29. The trees in our schoolevery Friday afternoon.
30. More “ Great Green Walls ” must all over the world.
31. His school bagby a woman ten minutes ago.
32. Yesterday a visitorsomething about his hometown.
33. — Do you like this kind of paper?
— Yes, itvery nice.
34. The boylost on his way home yesterday.
35. Though the coat is a bit large now, itme very soon.
36. Footballeverywhere in the world.
37. Everybody here wasa present.
38. A new factoryin our city last year.
39. All trees mustwell when it is dry.
40. This shirtsilk.
41. These booksgood care of.
42. Stampsby people for sending letters.
43. More treesnext year.
44. Today, too many trees are stillin the world.
45. This kind of machineJapan.
46. The teacher says that the man will .
47. — I think the shop.
— No, It’s open. It at six.
48. I was astonished to hear that the colour TV set 5,000 Euro.
49. Great changesplace since he came here.
50. He was seen something from the shop.
51. If city noises from increasing,people shout to be heard even at dinner.
52. The fifth generation computers with artificial intelligenceand perfected now.
53. — the sports meet might be put off.
 — Yes,it all depends on the weather.
54. I need one more stamp before my collection .
55. Rainforests and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future.
56. The new suspension bridge by the end of last month.
57. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it .
58. Great changes in the city, and a lot of factories .
59. That suit over 60 dollars.
60. — Look! Everything here is under construction.
— What’s the pretty small house that for?
61. — Do you like the material?
— Yes, it very soft.
62. It is difficult for a foreigner Chinese.
63. I have no more letters ,thank you.
64. Take care! Don’t drop the ink on your shirt, it easily.
65. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights .
66. The computers on the table Professor Smith.
67. — What do you think of the book?
— Oh, excellent. It’s worth a second time.
68. The squirrel was lucky that it just missed .
69. This page needed again.
70. many times, the boy still didn’t know how to do the exercises
71. It is said that a new robot by him in a few days.
72. We are late. I expect the film by the time we get to the cinema.
73. She will stop showing off if no noticeof her.
74. Diamond in Brazil in 1971.
75. — Have you moved into the new flat?
— Not yet. The room.”
76. My pictures until next Friday.
77. Tim since he lost his job three weeks ago.
78. A great number of colleges and universities since 1949.
79. I'll have to push the car to the side of the road because we if we leave it here.
80. two tickets for the new play at the Grand Theatre on Saturday. Shall we go and see it together?
81. The subject of these lectures by the lecture committee.
82. I found an aspirin bottle dropped on the floor of David's room.
83. The goods when we arrived at the airport.
84. If one by pride, he will reject useful advice and friendly assistance.
85. Most environment problems exist because adequate measures for preventing them taken in the past.
86. You should have put the milk in the refrigerator, now sour.
87. After the race, the celebration began.
88. He was here for a little while, but I don't know where he now.
89. The young teacher has competent.
90. Pluto, the outermost planet of the solar system, photographically in March 1930.
91. Older people well.
92. After synthetic , engineers had a better choice of material.
93. I think much attention your pronunciation.
94. Since 1970, millions of enthusiasts Vitamin C, which they believe can remedy the common cold.
95. I don't remember the chance to try this method.
96. The school bag behind the chair.
97. The construction of the laboratory by the end of next month.
98. A story by Granny yesterday.
99. He does not have a bicycle, the one he uses to Peter.
100. Who this book ?
101. The reason for all the changes being made to us yet.
102. Experiments in the photography of moving objects in both the United States and Europe well before 1900.
103. When he turned the corner, he found himself by a man in black.
104. A candidate for the democratic presidential nomination at this moment.
105. As we approached the work site, the workers were seen the new house.
106. As we know, all the regulations in school .
107. 119. The Great Wall all over the world.
108. The bank is reported in the local newspaper in broad daylight yesterday
109. Hurry up, or the tickets out by the time we get there.
110. — When this kind of computers ?
111. a new library in our school last year?
112. An accident on this road last week.
113. Cotton in the southeast of China.
114. The moon by man already.
115. A talk on American history in the school hall next week.
116. How many trees this year?
117. A lot of things by people to save the little girl now.

Exercise 2: Fill in the gap with the correct form of the verb in brackets
1. Nearly everybody here (know) when the old museum (build).
2. The building can (see) from every part of the city. It (build) many years ago.
3. Yesterday Tom (tell) me that his bike (break)last week.
4. The students (often, tell) to take care of their desks and chairs.
5. Now he (be) asked if the meeting (hold) next Friday.
6. It is known to all that the moon(turn) round the Earth.
7. Miss Li often(use) a recorder in her English class. But she(not use) it tomorrow.
8. Vegetables, eggs and fruits(sell) in this shop.
9. English(speak) here.
10. The song (like) by us all twenty years ago.
11. The pictures(take) by Jack tomorrow.
12. The computer(can, use) in the room.
13. The room(paint) now.
14. The novel(translate) into many languages since it was published.
15. That clock(call) Big Ben.
16. Last week, when I(ask) about English culture, I couldn’t answer it well.
17. What language (speak) in your country?
18. School football games (often, hold) on Friday evenings.
19. The film (show) again sometime next week.
20. If anything (happen) to him, let me know.
21. (the new pair of shoes, suit) you?
22. The bottle (break) by the cat yesterday.
23. A tall tree (can, see) in the picture.
24. The sports meeting (hold) last week.
25. We (tell) yesterday that Jane would come back from Australia.
26. Look, Mr Smith (take) to the station by Mark in his car.
27. These trees should (water) after they (plant).
28. This type of TV set (make) in Beijing. It (make) last April.
29. Colour TVs (sell) in that shop.
30. Have you moved into the new house?
Not yet. The rooms (paint) now.
31. An American film (often, show) on TV on Sundays.
32. She (tell) the good news as soon as she arrived.
33. Look ! A big modern bridge (build) over the river.
34. A recorder (often, use) in our English class.
35. The lost boy (not find) so far.
36. Last year a large number of trees (cut) down.
37. The students (often, tell) to take care of their desks and chairs.
38. The old man is ill. He (must send) to the hospital.
39. Vegetables, eggs and fruits (sell) in this shop.
40. What (knives, make) of?
41. Can the magazine (take) out of the library?
42. The lab (clean) every day.
43. The stars can’t (see) in the daytime.
44. Be careful, some flowers (water) already.
45. How long (your uncle, be) in the city?
46. The food (smell) delicious.
47. Look! Someone (dance).

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