Articles - a, an, the (Exercises)

Choice between A and AN

Choose the correct option:
1. Penelope Cruz is .
2. Justin Timberlake is American singer.
3. You're
4. I'm in a book shop.
5. She isn't
6. I'm not teenager.

Fill in the gaps with 'a' or 'an':
1. Are you vet?
2. She's old woman.
3. You're English teacher.
4. My grandfather is retired doctor.
5. He isn't office worker.
6. Is Emily housewife?

Choice between A, AN and THE

Choose the correct option:
1. What's capital of Cuba?
2. Luxor is city in Egypt.
3. Jamaica is island in the Caribbean.
4. What's language of Poland?
5. China is Asian country.
6. Manchester is big city in England.

Fill in the gaps with "a", "an" or "the":
1. Rome is capital of Italy.
2. Malta is island.
3. Botswana is African country.
4. currency of Italy is the euro.
5. New York is city in the USA.
6. Germany is country in Europe.
7. We study English three times week.
8. This is the busiest road in city.
9. Could we have bill, please?
10. We need onion and some tomatoes.
11. Please can you close window.
12. You need to turn left at lights.
13. She is going to buy new car.
14. He drives old Skoda Favorit.
15. Could you please pass me remote control for TV please?
16. You must buy some pancakes from market stall outside station.
17. I need to find optician's. My glasses have broken.
18. I can't believe it! I went to newsagent's and it was closed.
19. Excuse me, is there bookshop near here?
20. Do you really think we need shopping mall in our town?

Choice between A, AN, THE and NO ARTICLE

Choose the correct option:
1. Excuse me. Where's town hall, please?
2. Their house has beautiful garden.
3. I go to university twice week.
4. I never put salt on my food.
5. I found our hotel on Internet.
6. My ambition is to be doctor.
7. James always has lunch at 1 o' clock.
8. My sister is doctor in India.
9. We go to bed late at weekends.
10. My boss is happiest person in our office.
11. My brother was so ill he was in hospital for two weeks.
12. What horrible day!
13. This is apple.
14. I think that weather here is perfect.
15. I love classical music.
16. Mark is lawyer.
17. Susan is in garden.
18. I think Ian's at work.
19. Who's head of state in your country?
20. Prince Harry is the youngest of the two British Princes.
21. At 3.00pm President will give a speech.
22. Do you think Labour Party will win the next election?
23. Is Latvia in the European Union?
24. The world was shocked when President Kennedy was shot.

Nafplio, former capital of Greece, is one of  most beautiful towns on the mainland. It is located on coast, surrounded by mountains and overlooked by the stunning Palamidi,  medieval hilltop fortress. There is also interesting island fortress called the Bourtzi that can be visited by boat. Syntagma (Constitution) Square, in town's historical centre, is paved with marble. Surrounded by historical buildings including a Turkish mosque, cafes, restaurants and boutique shops, it is popular gathering place for local families.

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