Level Test

1. I haven't got cigarettes.
2. My teacher English.
3. you go to the cinema yesterday?
4. The teacher said: " Simon, please the window ".
5. you like a cup of tea?
6. She coming to dinner tomorrow.
7. The examination is Tuesday.
8. She's going to Spain March.
9. This pen isn't yours. It's
10. He to America 5 years ago.
11. If you to Paris, you'll see the Eiffel Tower.
12. A baker is a person who bread.
13. He to go to the office at ten o'clock to see his boss.
14. He's going to come here ten o'clock.
15. any apples?
16. I my homework at the moment.
17. she play football?
18. aren't any books in the classroom.
19. I tried to phone you but you not at home.
20. I watch T.V. last night.
21. I'm thirsty. I a drink.
22. There is butter in the fridge.
23. How people are there in the classroom?
24. She's the girl always comes late.
25. He go to the dentist because he has toothache.
26. I have not made my bed .
27. He came into the room while I T.V.
28. Whisky is in Scotland.
29. Shakespeare is to understand than Agatha Christie.
30. He a shower when the telephone rang.
31. I Mary recently because she has been on holiday.
32. Portuguese in Brazil.
33. Peter his breakfast when the letter arrived.
34. She her nails. I can't stand that habit of hers.
35. I like him because he always makes me
36. This room last night.
37. Martin is very by football.
38. He went to the Post Office some stamps.
39. You won't pass unless you harder.
40. She went to the Passport Office collect her passport.
41. Sally to the bank yet.
42. Sue to him earlier that morning.
43. You go to the doctor if you don't feel well.
44. He's been living in London ten years.
45. Peter golf since he was 16.
46. I English since last December.
47. He go to the theatre tonight, but he hasn't decided.
48. When I was little I a bath every night.
49. She's seeing him tomorrow, ?
50. If you came to the party, you it.
51. Would you mind me a lift home, please?
52. He's the man dog was run over last week.
53. She looks quite ill. She to go to the doctor.
54. If I were you, I smoking.
55. The train when we arrived at the station.
56. My house at the moment.
57. He will be coming, ?
58. What about to the theatre tonight?
59. Would you mind if I the window?
60. "Don't write on this page." He told me write on the page.
61. Before the ring, he asked her to marry him.
62. I'm thinking of going to Spain this year France.
63. "I am going to a film this evening." He said he to a film that evening.
64. You stop smoking or you will get ill.
65. Peter in London when he was a little boy.
66. After he to his girlfriend, he telephoned his mother.
67. This time tomorrow, I an exam.
68. "Have you got a light?" She asked if I a light.
69. After the accident, he to the doctor but instead he continued to play football.
70. If I him, I would have told you.
71. "I went to the theatre last night." He said he to the theatre that night.
72. I wish I to Spain last year.
73. That man too much because he is driving very dangerously.
74. He has to stop drinking, ?
75. When they came into the kitchen they were dirty because they in the garden.
76. If we had arrived at the station five minutes earlier, we the train.
77. He could have come though, ?
78. You look tired. Why don't you try to get for a few days.
79. John sent the letter because we have not received it.
80. He for 3 hours when I met him.
81. They the Olympic City by 2020.
82. The thief by the time Mr & Mrs Smith returned from holiday.
83. he is overweight, he can run quite fast.
84. He said that he the news in time.
85. being well over 95, he still rides a bike every day.
86. The shop for an hour when they arrived at six o'clock.
87. If I you, I would take up karate.
88. The office had been burgled, but the safe showed no signs of
89. "Shall we meet at the theatre?" He they met at the theatre.
90. She the children instead of spending the evening in the pub.
91. I'd rather you now, because I have a lot of work.
92. The reason given does not your behaviour.
93. There is a bottle of milk from the fridge.
94. Supposing you her again. What would you say?
95. He regrets his mother about his new girlfriend.
96. Never such a beautiful painting.
97. Don't put cream on my strawberries, I prefer them
98. If he'd come on time, he the lesson.
99. John fell the window.
100. Not only French, but he also speaks Arabic.

After you press the button "Calculate my level", the number of correct answers and your level will be displayed under it.
Since these 100 questions test grammar and vocabulary, for a more precise assessment of your level, and also if you would like to improve it, get in touch with me by clicking here.

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