What Is The Difference Between NO And NOT

They both introduce a negative. And this is as far as similarities go.

NO  is used:
1. In front of nouns (when there is no "a", "an" or "the", but there can be an adjective)
There is no hot water.
I'm no judge.
That's no answer.
There is no blue paint.
No way!
2. On its own, as an answer to a question.
Can you fly? No, I can't.
3. A specific case is, with certain rules. It is followed by a gerund (-ing)
No smoking.
No swimming.
No parking.

In short, used in all other cases. Not can negate verbs (do not like, is not, have not left), adjectives (not pretty and not ugly), adverbs (not really, not very happy) and others.

If there is "a", "an" or "the" in front of the noun, we cannot use "no", so we use "not" to negate the verb (This is not the answer.)

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