Various Conditionals (Exercise: Write The Correct Form)

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the form for First, Second or Third Conditional. Write the words in full (would, and not 'd; would not and not wouldn't).

To check if you have filled them in correctly, click the "Check" button at the end of the exercise. If you have made a mistake but don't know what it is, click the "Show Answer" button.

1. If Jake (have) the money, he will go to America.
2. If I had a lot of money, I (give) some to charity.
3. If the girls (go) shopping, they would have bought some new shoes.
4. Jake will bring some CDs if he (find) some good ones.
5. If I (be) her, I would wear the red top.
6. If Pete were hungry, he (eat) a hamburger.
7. If we (go) to the café, we will drink tea.
8. Ben (go) to a restaurant if he had more time.
9. If the teacher corrected the tests, the pupils (know) the marks.
10. Ben will go to the club if his friend (go) with him.
11. The ferry will leave on time if the weather (be) okay.
12. If the ferry (be) on time, they wouldn't have missed the train.
13. If I bought flowers, I (choose) yellow ones.
14. The kids (tidy) up their rooms if they come home early.
15. If I were you, I (wear) a coat.
16. If I (hurt) my leg , I won't play football.
17. If the students were tired, they (sleep) on the bus.
18. I (go) to the London Eye if I went to London.
19. I would go out of the room if my mobile (ring) .
20. I will visit Grandma if she (not feel) well.
21. If I (know) what was going to happen, I (not join) the club.
22. We (miss) the bus unless you hurry.
23. You can pass your driving test, provided that you (keep) calm.
24. I know it's unlikely but what (you do) if you (find) a bag containing a lot of money ?
25. I (tell) you on condition that you (not tell) anybody.
26. Something horrible ( happen) if you do not turn off the gas.
27. I promise I (not use) your stereo, unless you (let) me.
28. I don't know what I would do if I (not have) my computer.
29. If you mix water and oil, the oil (rise) to the surface.
30. Come with me and I (show) you my model trains.
31. You will only go on to the second course if you (pass) all your subjects in the first.
32. If Spain were a colder country, there (not be) so many tourists.
33. Don't tell her the truth and she (feel) it immediately.
34. He's coming to our offices tomorrow. If I (see) him, I'll give him the message.
35. We (move) if we had the money. Unfortunately new houses are very expensive in this area.
36. If I (be) a millionaire, I'd still work so that I didn't get bored.
37. If I (tell) you a secret, will you promise not to tell anyone?
38. Do you think it would be better if I (wait) another week, or shall I sell my shares in the company now?
39. If he causes any more problems, I (fire) him.
40. Would you mind if I (open) the window? It's really hot in here.
41. If I (lose) my job, I'd apply to join the police.
42. Where would you go if you (can) go anywhere in the world?
43. If you (see) her, say hello.
44. I (go) out more often if I had more time.
45. Ok, I'll see you next week if you (decide) to come to London.
46. I'll do it tomorrow if I (fell) better.
47. I don't know the answer. If I (know) it, I'd tell you.
48. What (you do) if you had no mobile telephone?
49. He says he'd study economics in London if the fees (be) lower.
50. I'll go to London with you if I (find) a cheap flight.
51. According to experts, there (be) mass flooding if the ice caps melt.
52. Your pronunciation (improve) if you spent some time in Britain.
53. I'll try to fix that broken door handle if I (get) the time.
54. What would your company do if your competitors (drop) their prices?
55. If I (need) any more details, I will contact you.
56. What (you do) if there was a fire in the building - jump from the window?
57. We (miss) the plane if there's a lot of traffic on the roads.
58. I'm sure he'll find a new job soon if he (keep) looking.
59. You (have to) pass the entrance exam if you want to study at this university.
60. If I (know) enough about computers I would try to mend my PC myself.
61. I'm sure he'll call us pretty soon if he (have) any questions.
62. You (not need) your car if you get the job - the salary package includes a car.
63. I (not accept) the offer if I were you. I think you could find something better.
64. If you come with me, I (do) the shopping with you.
65. Walter will help his mother in the garden if she (read) him a story this evening.
66. The weather forecast is not very good. What (you do) if it (rain) ?
67. Our teacher will be happy if we (learn) the poem by heart.
68. If they (have) enough money, they (buy) a new car but I think they have to pay back their student loans now.
69. I am sure we (pass) yesterday's exam if we (study) harder.
70. If Pat (repair) his bike, he could go on a bicycle tour with us.
71. She (get) 100 pounds if she sold this old shelf.
72. If I were you, I (invite) Jack to the party.
73. If the weather is fine, the children (walk) to school.
74. If I (know) Lynn's telephone number in Manchester, I (call) her when I was there last month.
75. Jen, what (you do) if you (be) given the Nobel Prize?
76. If you (tell) me it was so hot in Egypt I (not bring) so many clothes, but now I've got two full suitcases.
77. We (catch) many fish if we (use) a different kind of bait. Unfortunately, we only had some bread.
78. (you ask) Shaib to bring some water for the teacher, if you (see) him in the corridor?
79. If Tracy (have) a mobile phone, she (phone) all her friends.
80. Dan is constantly having one trouble or other. He (arrive) safe if he (drive) slowly.
81. If Mel (ask) her teacher, he (answer) her questions. I don't know why she didn't.
82. I (call) the office if I (be) you.
83. The soil (not dry) out if you water the plants regularly.
84. I'm sorry we're late! We (not take) the wrong tram if my husband (ask) the policewoman.
85. If the cat hides in the tree, the dog (not find) it.
86. The students (solve) the problem if they had used their textbooks.
87. I know she comes only once a week. If he (wash) his feet more often, his girlfriend (visit) him more often.
88. Max drove today. He (read) the newspaper if he (come) by train.
89. We won't stay indoors if the weather (be) fine.
90. I (tell) you if you asked me.
91. She would feel better if she (eat) less.
92. If she (explain) the situation, he would have understood it.
93. If we miss the train, we (take) a taxi.
94. She (give) you an answer if you had asked her more politely.
95. If he won a lot of money, he (fly) to Paris.
96. If you had asked me, I (tell) you.
97. If I am at home, I (watch) the movie.
98. If we (eat) too much, we will get fat.
99. If I (be) you, I would start learning now.
100. If Jack meets Tom, he (tell) him the truth.
101. His sister would have been glad if you (phone) her.
102. The Millers (move) to the seaside if they had had children.
103. If Nelly rides her bike more carefully, she (have) fewer accidents.
104. If they take their medicine, they (feel) better.
105. If Jack (come) to my party, I would have danced with him.
106. If she (meet) him, she will talk to him.
107. If I hear a thief, I (catch) him.
108. He would go to the cinema if he (have) more time.
109. I (phone) her if I knew her number.
110. If they were rich, they (stay) at a hotel.
111. I would have been glad if he (visit) me in hospital.
112. I would pass the exam if I (learn) harder.
113. If she explains the situation, he (understand) it.
114. If we had gone to London, we (see) the Tower.
115. I will have to invite Bob if I (invite) Linda.
116. If I did not visit him, he (be) angry.
117. If he had offered me the job, I (take) it.
118. If it (stop) raining, we will play tennis.
119. If I (have) some money, I will buy a new car.
120. If he offers me a job, I (take) it.
121. If he (drive) more carefully, he would not cause an accident.
122. If Mr Brown (sell) his car last year, he would have got more money for it.
123. If Susan takes her driving lessons regularly, she (pass) her driving test.
124. If Mr Jones (watch) the news every evening, he would know more about politics.
125. If Charlie (not stop) eating these green apples, he'll soon feel sick.
126. If you had told me the truth, I (help) you.
127. If old Mrs White heard a strange noise, she (call) the police.
128. If I (have) good luck, I would have won the first prize.
129. If I (be) you, I would throw away all this old junk.
130. If I got the earlier bus, I (can) come home at 5 o'clock.
131. If my mother (make) apple pie, I'll give you a piece.
132. If Peter (not leave) earlier, he would miss the bus.
133. If we missed the train, we (take) a taxi.
134. If he (win) a lot of money, he will fly to Paris.
135. If she is ill, she (not come) to our party.
136. He almost fell from the balcony. I'm sure that if he had fallen, he (break) his leg or something.
137. If I leave now, I (be) home in two hours.
138. If we increased the price, we (run) the risk of pricing ourselves out of the market.
139. If you (ask) your boss, I'm sure he would have considered your proposal.
140. The radio is broken. When you turn it on, it (make) a strange noise.
141. I'd set them the task if they (be) more reliable. However, I don't think they're capable of doing it.
142. If I had known how long the journey was, I (take) something else to read with me.
143. If you (not manage) to finish the catalogue on time, we'll have to postpone the printing until next month.
144. The accident (might not be) so bad if you'd been driving more slowly.
145. If you (not be) so stubborn you would find it a lot easier to keep your friends.
146. Sorry I didn't call you and tell you I wasn't coming. I would have called you if I (have) your number with me.
147. He says that if he (not be) so busy he would go with you to the movie tomorrow. As it is, he simply has too much work to do.


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