Prepositions of place


The bear is on the chair.

Other examples:
The picture is on the wall.
The paintings on the ceiling are very nice.
My purse is on the table.
The bear is under the chair.

Other examples:
I used to eat all the sweets at home so my grandma started hiding them under her clothes in the closet.
How do you breathe at night when your head is under the pillow?
The bear is in the bag.

Other examples:
Put the shopping in the car!
She's got lots of flowers in her garden.
The bear is out of the bag.

Other examples:
Take that bag of chips out of the trolley!
All the students were taken out of the school when the fire started so nobody got hurt.
The bear is behind the chair.

Other examples:
Her cat got stuck behind the dishwasher and it took a few hours to get him out.
The kids are hiding behind the trees.
The bear is in front of the chair.

Other examples:
The teacher usually stands in front of the class.
A man sitting in front of me on the bus today was reading your book.
The bear is between the two babies.

Other examples:
My son sits between Jack and Emily in class.
The library is between the university and the hospital.
The bear is above the chair.

Other examples:
His flat is above a restaurant and it gets really noisy in the evenings.
There is a large painting on the wall above the sofa in his living room.
The bear is next to the chair.

Other examples:
The Italian embassy in Sofia is right next to the Austrian one.
The mouse pad is supposed to be under the mouse, not next to it!
The bear is near the chair.

Other examples:
Sofia University is near Eagles' bridge.
It is logical to keep your shoes somewhere near the front door.

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