Verbs that are followed by an infinitive

Common verbs that require an infinitive when followed by another verb:
- verbs of the heart or mind: choose, decide, expect, forget, hope, intend, learn, like, love, mean, need, plan, prefer, remember, would like, would love.
I decided to go home as soon as possible.
- verbs related to speaking: agree, invite, offer, promise, refuse
- others: afford, arrange, attempt, fail, help, manage, tend, try, want
We all wanted to have more English classes.

Some verbs can be followed by a noun and then another verb:
She asked him to send her a text message.
He wanted all his friends to come to his party.
Examples of such verbs are:
- the ones related to talking: advise, ask, encourage, invite, order, persuade, remind, tell, threaten, warn *
*”warn” is usually used with „not”: The police warned everyone not to drive too fast.
- those about preferences: expect, intend, would prefer, want, would like
- others: allow, enable, force, get, teach


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