Gerund or Infinitive? Choose the correct answer

1. The classroom needs .
2. My brother is here study English.
3. I’m hungry. Get me something .
4. I haven’t got a chair .
5. Ask him to go to the post office some stamps.
6. She desires not for an hour.
7. The squirrel was lucky that it just missed .
8. I can’t imagine that with them.
9. After he had worked several hours, he stopped a cup of coffee to refresh himself.
10. It is no good him to see you off.
11. —It’s getting very late. Maybe we shouldn’t go.
 —No, let’s go. Getting there late is better than at all.
12. They failed to pass the exam last time; I regretted them.
13. James liked fishing .
14. We can’t understand at the poor little match-girl.
15. Only one of these books is .
16. He used to at seven. Now he has got used to at six.
17. Charles Babbage is generally considered the first computer.
18. The girl is seriously ill. There is .
19. The rest of the money to Alice.
20. I find the man hard .
21. Bob didn’t have the idea but he had to do with his classmates.
22. He insisted the working site.
23. He is not sure which restaurant .
24. During the next ten years, she had to work hard for the necklace.
25. He is ill. He kept .
26. I prefer staying at home the theater.
27. The teacher advised him by the difficulties that he met with.
28. Alice was sick such noise.
29. I regret you that the sports meet has been put off.
30. The machine requires so the workers are required ready.
31. How I regretted the play that day!
32. Albert has the ability to properly with the complicated situations.
33. He made a long speech his ignorance of the subject.
34. I don’t allow in my drawing room. I don’t allow my family at all.
35. I’ve got the loaf; now I’m looking for a bread knife .


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