Used to / Would

Used to / Would + verb

They are both used for repetitive past actions. For a single action in the past use the past simple:
I moved here 5 years ago.
They can always be substituted with another past tense, at which point you lose the contrast with the present. In order to keep it, you can add phrases such as „before, in the past, when I was little”, etc.:
I used to go swimming a lot.                           I went swimming a lot in the past.
This shopping centre used to be a cinema.     This shopping centre was a cinema before.

1. Would points out that the action took place on multiple occasions:
When I was little we would all get up late on a Saturday, we would sit in the kitchen, eat breakfast and chat. 

2. Used to points to an action or state and is used to show the contrast between the past and present:
 I used to get up late on Saturdays (but now I have to go to work). 
 I used to live in the country.

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